5 Ways To Fix Corsair M65 Sniper Button Not Working

corsair m65 sniper button not working
corsair m65 sniper button not working

Gamers usually prefer to buy a lighter mouse while playing FPS games. It allows more freedom while aiming and you can make micro-adjustments quite easily. The Corsair M65 is an FPS gaming mouse that has a prominent sniper button on the side of the mouse.

You can configure this button to reduces sense and increase the accuracy while using a sniper. That way you’ll be able to consistently snipe the enemies after you get used to the reduced sensitivity.

If for some reason the sniper button on your Corsair M65 is not working then you can follow the troubleshooting methods mentioned in this article to overcome the sniping issue.

How to Fix Corsair M65 Sniper Button Not Working?

  1. Soft Reset

To remap the sniper button on your M65 Corsair mouse you’ll need to download iCUE on the computer. It is not possible to bind any action to the button in-game before remapping the sniper button first. You can get the iCUE from the support section on the Corsair website. After that just run the program and follow the mapping procedure to use the sniper button. The steps are quite straight forward and the application will guide you through it.

If you still can’t get the sniper button to work then you should try soft resetting the mouse. To do so, you will need to unplug the mouse and press the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously and keep on holding them. Plug the mouse back into the port and then release both buttons after waiting for 10 seconds. The mouse will soft reset and you can then go through the remapping procedure.

  1. Rebind Button

If your window is not recognizing the sniper button at all then you can simply get around this problem by binding the sniper button to a key on your keyboard. Gamers usually set the micro to some key that they never use, this could be one of the function keys or some other programmable keys on your keyboard. After binding the key using iCUE using the action tab, you will then use that specific key in-game to use the sniper button.

For example, you bound the sniper button to the L key, after that you will just need to open up the game controller settings and then bind any action to the L key. Now, whenever you press the sniper button it will be registered as the L key and you will be able to use the action with the button on your mouse.

It is recommended to only bind a button that you don’t use in-game. This could be a button from the Numpad or other special characters that you rarely use.

  1. Windows Update

For some users, the actual issue was that they were on an outdated version of windows. So, whenever they pressed the sniper button on their Corsair M65 it didn’t change any DPI and the button was useless.

To get it fixed, users had to update the Operating system to the latest version, and after that was done everything sorted itself out. So, if you haven’t already, just installed the windows update and that should help you fix the sniper button issues.

  1. Remove iCUE

There are some chances that your mouse is in perfect condition and it’s the corsair software that is not letting you use the sniper button. You can try using the M65 with another PC or just remove the iCUE altogether from your PC.

After doing so, try installing an older version of this program on your computer and then try remapping the sniper button. You can set different action or DPI settings on your mouse as you’re holding the sniper button. Watch official tutorials if you don’t know how to use iCUE.

  1. Ask Corsair

If the FPS mouse is still giving you trouble with the sniper button, then you should ask your suppliers about the issue. Tell them that there is a defect in the mouse and you can’t seem to get the sniper button to work. If they are not able to give you a viable solution for your problem, then demand a replacement order. Depending upon your warranty status, you will get a replacement without spending any money.

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