4 Ways To Fix Corsair Scimitar Number Pad Not Working

corsair scimitar number pad not working
corsair scimitar number pad not working

It is an MMO gaming mouse that has a number pad on the side. You can use your thumb to access all of these buttons and they have quite a nice feel to them. These buttons don’t stick out too much and you can access them quite easily. This mouse is on the heavier side and it is common for users to accidentally press the wrong buttons.

The main reason why customers buy this mouse is to use the 12 buttons on the number pad. If you’re having trouble getting the number pad on your Corsair Scimitar to work then the fixes mentioned below might help you fix the mouse.

How to Fix Corsair Scimitar Number Pad Not Working?

  1. Remap Keys

Most of the time gamers are just plugging in their Corsair Scimitar and then logging into their game to try and use the number keys on the side of their mouse. But then they realize that the keys won’t bind to any action and they can’t get the number pad to work at all. The reason why this happens is that users don’t go through the setup procedure recommended by the manufacturer.

To use the number pad on your Corsair Scimitar you need to first remap the keys using iCUE, which is a configuration software used to manage devices. These buttons on the side of your Scimitar won’t work unless you have assigned proper actions to them. Until then, nothing will get registered even if you keep pressing the buttons on the side of your mouse. So, just remap the keys using iCUE and then hop into whatever MMO you like and bind the buttons to different actions.

  1. Remove Drivers

If you are sure that you have successfully followed every step mentioned in the setup procedure but the keys are still not working for you, then we believe that the issue is with your mouse drivers. If that is the case, then you can fix the issue by removing the device drivers from the PC by going into device settings. Right-click the drivers and remove them from the PC.

After that to reinstall, you will just have to reboot the system and windows will take care of the drivers automatically. You can just type out device manager on the windows search bar and you’ll easily be able to access the mouse drivers from there. The procedure is quite straight forward but if you are still confused then try Googling a step-by-step guide or a video tutorial and follow that.

  1. Repair iCUE

There is also a possibility of iCUE not working properly which is why your remapped keys are not getting registered in the game. What you need to do in this situation is to access the program settings using the control panel and then run a repair on the iCUE software. If the issue persists then remove iCUE and install it again from official sources provided by Corsair.

You need to also ensure that you are currently on the correct profile for the buttons to work. It is common for profiles in your iCUE to get changed and the profile that you’re currently on might not have the keys mapped. So, the mouse buttons will not work as long as there is no action bound to the specific keys. Just switch to the primary profile and then try using the side buttons on your mouse. Hopefully, they will work without additional issues.

  1. Faulty Scimitar

After trying all of these fixes if the keypad is still not registering any clicks, then you should ask a professional from the Corsair team to help you find out the issue with your Scimitar. As long as you have a valid warranty you should be able to claim a replacement if your mouse is malfunctioning. But on the off chance, if your warranty has expired then you’ll need to pay in full for the new mouse.

But to be sure that your device is faulty, you need to contact someone on the support team and keep trying different methods. In the end, if the mouse is still not responding as it should, then the only option left is to buy a new one or claim the warranty on your mouse.

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