3 Ways To Fix Corsair K95 Not Detected

corsair k95 not detected
corsair k95 not detected

If you like to use a full-sized keyboard with a few additional macro keys then the Corsair K95 is for you. The life span and build quality of this keyboard are quite nice and the majority of users have been quite happy using it.

Even though it looks quite nice, people did mention that the K95 is very hard to clean. Especially when you have a pet then do expect that you will be getting a lot of hair stuck beneath the keycaps.

However, users frequently bring up errors about the K95 not getting detected by the PC. Even if the device is connected and receiving power from the PC it won’t get recognized by windows or iCUE. Here is how you can fix that.

How to Fix Corsair K95 Not Detected?

  1. Reset Keyboard

To get your device detected you should start by following simple troubleshooting steps like reconnecting your K95 with another port on your PC. Then exit out of your Corsair software and reboot the PC.

After that open iCUE and check if the keyboard starts showing up on the home screen. But if for some reason you’re still running into the same issue and your keyboard is not getting detected then reset your keyboard.

To soft reset, you will just have to hold down the escape key as you Replug your K95 in your PC. After plugging in the K95 keep holding the button for additional 15 seconds and let go of it.

Now, you just have to wait for a few seconds and the windows should recognize the Corsair K95. There are video guides available on the internet if you are still confused about how to reset your Corsair keyboard. So, just look up a guide and follow the steps mentioned in it.

  1. Check iCUE

Using outdated iCUE is another probable reason why your K95 is not getting detected. So, we suggest that you remove the current version of iCUE installed on your PC and then download a new one from the internet.

Install it by running the application and then reconnect your keyboard with the PC. Before reinstalling you can also try running iCUE or Corsair Utility engine as an administrator to check if that gets everything working for your K95.

The possibility of your keyboard being in BIOS mode is always there. As most users are not aware of how to toggle the mode on or off, they accidentally hit the combination as a result the keyboard goes into BIOS mode that can cause no detection error for you.

To get the keyboard recognized by windows you will have to make sure that your device is not in BIOS mode. You can switch the mode on or off by holding down the F1 key with the lock windows key. If your keyboard was in BIOS mode, then it will reconnect with your windows after you turn it off.

  1. Ask Support

Usually, resetting the keyboard gets everything sorted out for users that have difficulty in getting their device recognized by windows.

But if you can’t get the keyboard working even after reinstalling iCUE on your PC and following all the steps mentioned above, then we believe that either your device is damaged or your PC ports are malfunctioning.

To confirm, you can ask a friend to use your K95 with their PC. If the same issue occurs then you will need to replace the keyboard.

As a last shot at fixing the detection issue, you can try seeking help from a professional at the official Corsair team. They are very responsive and always ready to help customers regarding any issues that they face with Corsair devices.

So, before getting annoyed with the device you can reach out and ask the Corsair team to give you some solutions for the detection issue. After asking for more details, they will suggest different methods that you should follow step by step to maximize your chances of fixing the detection issue.

However, if the support team can’t help your out then there is no hope left for your keyboard and you will have to either pay for a new one or demand a replacement from the store. You can also refer to the Corsair forums if the response from the support team takes too long.

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