4 Ways To Fix Corsair K70 Volume Wheel Not Working

corsair k70 volume wheel not working
corsair k70 volume wheel not working

The Corsair K70 is a full-sized gaming keyboard that has standard 104 keys on it. You can buy the RGB variant and link it with your Corsair software to make your gaming setup more attractive. There are a few additional media buttons on the keyboard along with a brightness and a windows lock button. You get 3 brightness modes on the Corsair K70.

It also has a metal volume wheel that has a nice texture on it. Sadly, some users have not been able to get their volume wheel to work on the Corsair K70. Here are some solutions that can help you if you’re in the same situation.

How to Fix Corsair K70 Volume Wheel Not Working?

  1. Configuration Files

Other users that were experiencing the same issue with their Corsair K70 mentioned that the problem was fixed after they added keybinding into the configuration files. If you have not done this before then your problem will likely be fixed after adding the key binds for your Volume controller. That way window will be able to register the movement of your volume bar and will perform the linked action. You can access the i3 configuration files through the windows manager and then input the following commands onto your configuration files to get the volume control to work.

  • bindsym XF86AudioRaiseVolume exec –no-startup-id amixer set Master 1%+
  • bindsym XF86AudioLowerVolume exec –no-startup-id amixer set Master 1%-

Just Save these commands onto the configuration files and then try using the volume button after rebooting the system. It would be best if you can watch a tutorial or get someone to help you so that you don’t put up the commands in the wrong configuration files. Community forums can be a great source to interact with other users that can help you out.

  1. Replug USB Connector

Depending upon your luck, there is a good possibility that your keyboard is working fine, and you just need to reconnect the keyboard with your system to get the issue fixed. Just remove the connector from the port and plug it back in and that should get the volume control working again. One thing to keep in mind is that the keyboard should directly be connected to your PC.

That means you’re not allowed to use any USB extension hubs to connect the device with your PC. That can cause extra features like media buttons to malfunction and you won’t be able to use any of them. So, plug the keyboard on the back of your PC, and then try using the volume control to check if you’re able to get around the issue.

  1. Check Key Response

If the volume button is still not working for you then you’ll need to check whether or not the keypress is being registered. Many third-party programs can be used to look up the history of your key presses. If you don’t have any in mind, then go ahead and download auto hotkey from the internet and run the application. You can get the key history using one of the features of this program.

After opening the application, you can head over to the view tab to see the history of your keypresses, if nothing is showing up on the history channel then there is a possibility that your keyboard is damaged. This is why the keypresses are not getting registered into the windows as your move the volume bar up and down. In this condition, the best thing to do would be to ask Corsair for help. They will be able to guide you more effectively and get the issue fixed ASAP.

  1. Update Drivers

At this point, if the volume wheel is still not working for your Corsair K70 then you should try updating the keyboard drivers. Make sure your OS is also up to date and you can check that using the windows updater from the settings tab. You can remove the keyboard drivers using the device manager and then reboot the PC to let windows install the drivers again. Try reinstalling iCUE and also get in touch with a professional from the Corsair team.  Hopefully, you’ll be able to get the volume wheel working after going through the troubleshooting steps mentioned above.

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