5 Ways To Fix Corsair Harpoon Side Buttons Not Working

corsair harpoon side buttons not working
corsair harpoon side buttons not working

The Corsair Harpoon is a gaming mouse that will cost you less than 50 dollars including shipping. It has a standard design along with 6 buttons on the mouse and you get pretty much all the features that you can expect from a mouse within this price range. You can configure the side buttons using iCUE to assign different actions to the Corsair Harpoon.

The customers who bought Corsair Harpoon mention difficulty in getting the side buttons to work on the mouse. If you are also in the same boat then let us guide you through some troubleshooting steps that will help you fix the buttons on your Corsair Harpoon.

How to Fix Corsair Harpoon Side Buttons Not Working?

  1. Check Actions

So, according to most users, the issue only happened when iCUE was running in the background. Meaning that the mouse buttons worked perfectly as long as iCUE was closed, and whenever users launched iCUE the issue reappeared. To check whether or not you’re having the same issue with iCUE you can start the task manager and end iCUE from the background processes.

If the buttons start working at this point, then you’ll need to launch the iCUE again and go to Harpoon configurations from the home tab. From the mouse settings, open up the actions bar and then create a new action. Select the first side button and go to advanced settings, activate the option titled “Retain Original key Output” and repeat the same process for the 2nd side button on your Corsair Harpoon. After assigning the actions the side buttons will work even if you have iCUE running in the background.

  1. Clean Install iCUE

If you added the actions into iCUE but the mouse buttons are still not registering then you should reinstall this program. Your device is probably behaving like this because your iCUE is corrupted. So, after reinstalling the iCUE you should configure the mouse action buttons again by going through the steps mentioned above and you should be able to get the thumb buttons working again.

A few users stated that they were able to get around the issue by updating the firmware on their mouse. So, if you haven’t already, just go to the device settings using iCUE and check for firmware updates. There are several guides available that can help you if you can’t seem to find the update option on iCUE. The harpoon should be connected to the PC throughout the update process or it will create further complications for you.

  1. Check Device Manager

According to Corsair support if you’re having issues with your remapped keys, then you need to check the virtual input device in the device manager. If you can’t find it in the device manager then you need to modify the Corsair Engine from apps and feature settings. Install the composite input device on your PC and then remap the keys again using iCUE. The thumb buttons should start working at this point without further issues.

  1. Reset Harpoon

If you have checked that everything mentioned above is in order, then you can go ahead and reset your mouse. To do so, you will have to hold down both clicks of your mouse as you plug it in your PC port. You don’t have to hold them for more than 10 seconds after plugging them back into the PC. launch iCUE again and remove reset the actions of the side buttons. Add actions again and then try using the thumb buttons to see if the same problem persists.

  1. Faulty Mouse

If the buttons are still not working then we believe that there are some hardware issues with your Corsair Harpoon and you need to get help from an expert. So, get into contact with someone from the Corsair team by going to the support forums. They will recommend you some troubleshooting steps that can potentially fix the problem.

But if the mouse is still not working then you can get a replacement by claiming your warranty. Otherwise, you will be down 30 bucks and will have to pay for a new mouse as well. But usually, most customers were able to get around the problem by adding actions into their iCUE. So, make sure to try that first.

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