What Is Sidetone Corsair? (Explained)

What Is Sidetone Corsair
What Is Sidetone Corsair

The majority of gamers believe that buying a good headset can exponentially improve your gaming experience. However, the high price tag on most high-end gaming headsets might discourage people to spend their money on the headset. Luckily, with the Corsair Void pro, you can still enjoy the high-quality sound with a reasonable price tag. Quality-wise, it is the best value for your money and you should try this headset for yourself.

There are many features that you access with a Corsair headset. In this article, we will be going over the sidetone feature and how it can help you manage your mic volume and communication settings.

What Is Sidetone Corsair?

A sidetone is a feature that allows users to manage their comms. With the help of this feature, you can listen to everything that your mic picks up and then bring your volume up or down depending upon the output you’re getting from the sidetone feature. It has a lot of practical uses and will help you a lot during competitive gameplay. You’ll know exactly what your mic is picking up and how you should be speaking to allow your teammates to better understand what you’re trying to communicate.

A very common issue with headsets is that users are not able to hear their voice as they’re receiving audio output from the game. So, they would either speak too loudly or too softly and their team members won’t be able to understand them properly. To make it easier on your party members you need to activate this feature and that way you will always be aware of the volume at which you’re speaking. You can bring the mic closer to the headset or move it away from your mouth to adjust the volume.

This feature is just perfect for you if your team members keep complaining about you being too loud. As it can be quite annoying during competitive gameplay because other members won’t be able to hear the footsteps of enemies or other sound cues that can provide them a positional advantage. Rather the sound of your voice will mask everything and can cause your team to lose the competitive match altogether.

Similarly, if you speak too softly then the other members won’t be able to hear your comms and they might miss important information regarding the enemy’s position. So, that is why this feature was introduced by Corsair. You can turn this on from the device manager settings by going into the connected headset settings and turning on the “listen to your microphone” feature. Apply the new configurations and then turn on your mic. Now, you should be able to hear everything you say into the mic through the earpieces.

You can either manage the noise cancellation features and other settings from the iCUE or just change the position of your microphone to bring the output volume up or down. Overall, this feature is quite useful, especially for gamers that get too caught up in the match and start shouting into the microphone. This sidetone will keep you aware of your microphone output at every time and your excitement won’t take over as often.

Should You Use This Feature?

The sidetone feature is quite useful and has a lot of practical implications. Along with gaming comms, if you need to attend an important meeting then this feature will help you know whether or not others can hear you properly. If you don’t want to use this feature then you can always test the microphone and make adjustments accordingly to the headset. However, the unique thing about this feature is that it will give you live data about your microphone output. So, just turn this feature on if you want to make communication more effective through your headset.

On the other hand, some users did mention that they weren’t able to focus properly and kept getting distracted by the sound of their voice which was coming from the headset. So, you need to turn on this feature and try it out for yourself to determine whether or not it suits your needs. Ask Corsair about further details or complications regarding this issue if you can’t seem to get it to work on the Corsair headset.

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