Blutonium vs Yellorium Minecraft – Which One?

Blutonium vs Yellorium
Blutonium vs Yellorium

The big reactor mod uses multiple blocks to power up a whole system. This mod can be quite fun and you can download it using feed the beast mod packs. It is quite easy to install and introduces so many custom items into your game. You can build new structures and power them up with different types of fuel.

In this article, we will be going over the differences between the two fuel types you can use in big reactors. This includes Blutonium and Yellorium and which one you should choose to get the most efficiency out of your system.

Blutonium vs Yellorium


It is an item available in the big reactor mod. It can be crafted by combining cyanite ingot (about 8 of them) into a single Blutonium ingot. You can also use a furnace to convert Blutonium dust into ingot form. It is cyanite that is reprocessed into Blutonium. People often make a cyanite reprocessing system to automatically create stacks of Blutonium.

Cyanite is received as a waste from the reactors which you can then reprocess to make Blutonium that is useable as fuel for the big reactor. This increases the overall efficiency of the whole system as now you’ll be able to get more out of your Yellorium fuel. Yellorium is the main fuel choice while operating big reactors and you can consider Blutonium as a derivative of this fuel.

Overall, the burning rate of Blutonium is the same as Yellorium, which is why what players do is gather the waste cyanite from the reactor and pump it into a cyanite reprocessor where it gets recycled, from there they pump it back into the reactor as Blutonium fuel which burns to keep the energy levels of the reactor up.


Just like Blutonium, it is also a fuel that you can use to power up your reactor and improve your system. You can get the Yellorium ingot by heating the Yellorite ore or the Yellorium dust in the furnace. It is the primary fuel source that the majority of players use in their reactors. The best way to get your hands on this item is to mine it using a laser you can also choose bees to do it for you.

Having a laser to mine Yellorium will keep your reactor fed without any issue, this means that you don’t have to worry about any efficiency drops due to low fuel levels. What matters the most when it comes to efficiency is the reactor design and how players are managing it. Having a flat design will use less fuel as compared to the reactor that is several blocks high so make sure to keep that in mind while designing a reactor.

Overall, both Blutonium and Yellorium are excellent fuel sources for your reactor. Both can burn for an equal amount of time. Think of Blutonium as recycled fuel that you’re using to increase the efficiency of the overall system. While Yellorium can be pictured as the main source of fuel to power up the reactors.

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