Druid Travel Form vs Mount In WoW

wow druid travel form vs mount
wow druid travel form vs mount

WoW is a really popular MMORPG that features a huge open-world map. As a result, the players are mostly to travel through mounts or spells. What they are used for is basically give the player the ability to be able to travel faster than on foot.

WoW Druid Travel Form vs Mount

For those of you who are unaware of what a Travel Form, it is simply a druid shapeshifting spell that makes the druid be able to move faster. This is why players have been wondering whether the Travel form is faster than the mount.

As a result, we can now see countless players comparing Druid Travel Form vs mount in order to determine which one of them is the better option. Through this article, we will also be comparing both the means of travel to help you learn about which one you should be using.

  1. Better Speed?

The biggest reason why players use either Travel Form or mount is to increase their travel speed. However, when comparing the speed of both of them, it seems that they are almost the same. In fact, Travel Form used to be slower than a normal mount.

But after a recent update, things seemed to change as Travel Form was buffed to match the speed of a normal mount. Now, there really isn’t a difference as both will get you to your destination at pretty much the same time.

  1. Benefits with Travel Form!

The highlight of using a Travel Form is because of the two major benefits that it comes with. Unlike normal mount, a Travel Form is completely immune to poly as well as other movement impairing costs.

This is extremely useful in PVP as the player has the option of escaping from combat quickly. Even though mount can also be used in PVP, but you will be at a clear disadvantage as it isn’t immune to poly or has any type of movement impairing casts.

  1. Mount Can Be Further Improved!

Mount also has an advantage over Travel Form as players can use speed boosts. One of the most popular examples is the use of Legion Pathfinder with the amount. This gives you a major speed boost, making your mount faster than any Travel Form.

But, if speed isn’t everything to you, then Travel Form will also give you the option of avoiding fall damage by quickly changing into it.

The Bottom Line

Comparing Druid Travel Form vs mount, we can clearly see how both of them come with their own sets of pros and cons. Travel Form gives you plenty more options and flexibility, especially in PVP, whereas the likes of the mount can be further improved through the use of speed boosts.

In the end, the decision is completely up to you on which one do you prefer.

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