Why Is Theramore Not Destroyed In WoW: 3 Fixes

why is theramore not destroyed wow
why is theramore not destroyed wow

WoW or also known as World of Warcraft is a famous massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The game is set in a fantasy universe known as Warcraft. The main area that users play in is Azeroth and all the events take place 4 years after the last game from the franchise. The game is available to be played for Windows and macOS users.

Users usually need to download this game through the Blizzard launcher. Aside from this, there are several expansion packs that you can get as well with this game. While playing the game you might have come across a problem. One common question that people ask is ‘why is Theramore not destroyed in WoW?’. If you are one of those then here are some steps that should help you in fixing this.

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Why Is Theramore Not Destroyed In WoW

  1. Reboot Game

You might be a user that enjoys playing games like these for several hours or sometimes even more than that. Alternatively, your game might have been running in the background for a lot of time. Usually, if games like these are kept running then they can start to get some problems. The Theramore area not destroyed can be one of them.

Considering this, simply restarting your game should help in fixing the problem. Another thing that you should do is to reboot your Blizzard launcher as well. This should refresh the client and show you if any new updates are available or not. If there are any then make sure to install them on your system. After you log back into the game, you should be able to notice that the area is now destroyed.

  1. Complete Quest

The Theramore area is now completely in ruins and a crater is in the middle of it. Although, if you are a new player then you will notice that the area has not been affected. The only way to proceed with the story’s timeline is to complete all the story-related objectives first. While completing these missions you will notice that a scenario for Theramore is unlocked.

After completing it, the state of this area will change for you as well. Considering this, you might have not completed the scenario, hence Theramore was not destroyed for you. Another thing to note is that you can phase the state of the area by contacting an NPC near it.

  1. Bugged Game

Lastly, if none of the steps mentioned above help you out then this is most likely a bug in your game. Many users have reported getting the same error on their game. But you should know that this does not affect your game in any way.

Blizzard is already working on providing users with a patch for this and it should be available to everyone soon. If you are being locked from getting any achievements due to this error then you can contact the support team. They should be able to help you in getting through any objective that you are stuck on due to this bug.

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