4 Reasons Why Transmog Is Not Working In WoW

transmog not working wow
transmog not working wow

Transmog, a shorter way to refer to Transmogrification, is a feature in WoW that allows you to change the appearance of an item. This is a very handy feature that allows users to make their gear look more to their liking without having to sacrifice any stats. It can easily be done through specific points in the realms of WoW.

Regardless of how easily it can usually be done, there are still some players that face problems while trying to Transmog, as the feature doesn’t work at all for them. If this is the same for you and you’re incapable of getting the Transmog feature to work regardless of what you do, here are some great solutions that usually work for most players.

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4 Reasons Why Transmog is Not Working in WoW

  1. Low-Quality Item

The very first thing that players need to know about Transmog is that it can actually only be done with items and gear of a certain quality. If the item in question is too low quality, it cannot go through the process which means that players won’t be able to use the Transmog feature on it.

Make sure that whatever equipment that you’re trying to change the appearance of is of green or higher quality, as these are the only eligible ones for the feature. Anything below this, as already mentioned, will not be able to go through the Transmog process successfully which might lead you to believe there’s a problem.

  1. Character Buffs

The next thing that you need to know is that buffs that you attach to your character can also cause an issue with Transmog. Even if the game itself says that the process has been completed successfully, you and other players might not be able to see the results because of these buffs. That being said, simply remove any and all of the buffs that you’ve equipped with your character. Now unequip the item that you used transmogrification on and then equip it after a few moments. The results should now be displayed without any further issues.

  1. Interference Caused by Add-Ons

If you can’t use the feature at all regardless of what you try, it’s advised that you take some time to disable add-ons that you might be using with WoW. If you remember the exact time that this issue began to occur with the Transmog feature, track back and delete all of the add-ons you might have downloaded for WoW during that period of time. Once this is done, go back into the game to see if it works.

  1. UI Problems

Sometimes the error with Transmog can be caused by problems with the game’s own user interface. This can easily be solved through a quick UI reset. This process requires you to go to the WoW settings through the Battle.net client and making some changes to the cache as well as some other files. Relaunch the game after completing the process and Transmog should now be working.

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