Steam Wishlist Not Showing: 3 Ways To Fix

steam wishlist not showing
steam wishlist not showing

Steam’s wishlist feature is a handy one that you’ll see on just about any major platform related to the purchasing of items. This wishlist feature allows users to mark items which they plan on buying in the future. Once it is added to the list, Steam notifies the users that marked it regarding any sales or price drops for the game. You can view your wishlist at any time too if you wish to sort it.

But, there is a known issue with Steam where the platform just provides players with no results when they open their wishlist. The problem is a lot more common than some would expect, but it isn’t a serious problem either. Here is our list of solutions for all those that may be finding it hard to get the Steam wishlist to work.

How to Fix Steam Wishlist Not Working?

  1. Use the Webpage/Application

There can be issues with a specific variant of Steam at times which causes problems with it. Sometimes, these issues don’t transfer over to the other variants of the application and you can still use said other variants however you like. That’s why it is recommended that you check out your wishlist on either the web browser or desktop app, depending on which one you usually use.

Just check both of them and see if the wishlist works on either one. You also have the option of using the mobile app to see if the wishlist works there or not. If the issue was only with a specific variant, then you can continue to use one of the others until Steam solves the problem.

  1. Remove All Filters

Another thing that you need to ensure is that there aren’t any filters or special search features currently enabled on your Steam wishlist. If there are, then it’s possible that there are no games on your list that match the criteria, hence why there isn’t anything showing up on your screen.

Simply check the search settings to make sure that there are no filters on at all. Once you’ve ensured that this, close and open the wishlist once again to see if it’s working this time around. Move on to the next and final solution if there were no filters active.

  1. Wait the Problem Out

The wishlist not working is almost always a result of there being problems with the Steam servers. Said problems are usually a result of too much traffic and too many people currently purchasing games. That’s why the only option you have left is to simply wait it out, especially if the Steam wishlist isn’t working on any device and if you’ve ensured there are no search filters active.

Issues like these with the Steam platform are usually fixed within some hours, so you won’t have to wait too long before you can finally get the wishlist to work again. While you wait, you’ll still be able to use Steam to play most games even while there are server problems.

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