Why Sentinax Beacons Are Not Dropping In WoW (Explained)

sentinax beacons not dropping wow
sentinax beacons not dropping wow

World of Warcraft has a number of different gameplay mechanics and a variety of different things in its huge realms for players to explore and interact with. This includes a variety of different factions of characters, enemies, and even entire enemies to engage with. One of the many things that players will find, which tends to interest a lot of uses, is the variety of Sentinax ships that will be floating around. These can even be used by the players themselves through a specific item. These items are known as the Sentinax Beacons.

What are Sentinax Beacons in WoW?

If you aren’t entirely familiar with the concept of these beacons, they are basically a means of calling the Sentinax ship floating around into action. Once they are deployed, Sentinax ships will immediately attack at the location where the beacon was deployed. This deals with a significant amount of damage and can be deadly against a number of different enemies.

This makes the Sentinax beacons a very helpful item to have in your character’s inventory. However, there is a known issue in World of Warcraft that prevents this item from ever being dropped. This ultimately results in players being unable to use the full potential of the item to their own advantage. Many users have encountered an issue with the Sentinax beacons not dropping, and there’s a number of different reasons why this has been the case.

The Reason Why Sentinax Beacons Are Not Dropping in WoW

As already mentioned, there are many different causes for this common problem faced by World of Warcraft players. One of the main ones is that these players aren’t even doing the correct quests that are necessary for the Sentinax beacons to finally drop and be used by a player’s character. The main thing that you need to make sure of is that you’ve completed the class hall campaign.

If this hasn’t been completed, this issue will definitely occur a lot, as it is necessary for the Sentinax beacons to drop. You need to have your own class title before you can hope for the item to drop as well. Once you’ve done all these basic things which are obviously important, you also need to keep in mind that this is mainly a quest-related item and won’t drop much outside of it. This quest takes place at the broken shore location, where players will need to go and perform numerous tasks before they can finally get the Sentinax Beacon.

Once you get it, you should be able to use the beacon without facing any problems at all. But, on the off chance that it doesn’t work even after you’ve finally got it, make sure that you’re in the right location to use it as the Sentinax ship won’t launch the beam in a few specific areas. Once you’ve made sure of all of these different things, there should be nothing stopping the Sentinax beacons from dropping, and nothing stopping you from using them.

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