Razer Green vs Cherry MX Blue – Better Option?

razer green vs cherry mx blue
razer green vs cherry mx blue

Mechanical keyboards offer plenty of advantages over an ordinary keyboard. Even for gaming, mechanical keyboards are known to give a slight edge to the player. However, the difference in gaming isn’t that significant. Yet, players seem to prefer mechanical keyboards just because of how good they feel at type.

Razer Green vs Cherry MX Blue

Even when talking about mechanical keyboards, they come in different variations as there are different types of mechanical switches. For Razer mechanical keyboards, they are most commonly referred to as Cherry MX red, green, blue, etc.

Today, we will be making a comparison between Razer green switches vs Cherry MX Blue switches. We will be discussing the aspects of both these keyboards as we take a look at how both of them perform. So, in case you were wondering about which one of them would be a better choice for you, then we highly recommend that you keep on reading!

Razer Green Switches

Razer green switches are known to have a tactile and bump click which is quite similar to that of the Cherry MX Blue. Each key has a distinctive click sound which can seem a bit noisy for a few users. On the other hand, some users seem to enjoy the noise that these keyboards make.

These switches are highly recommended for those who want to hear each and every single key that they press with a distinctive sound. The keyboard is optimized in particular for gaming. The reason behind why these switches are considered ideal for gaming is simply because of the actuation and reset points of the key.

The keys are set in such a way that every single key is typed faster and doesn’t really need to be pushed all the way down in order to get the result on the screen. By no means does this means that the keyboard is lacking if you want to type on it.

It will still give you a great experience while typing as well. However, players seem to prefer green switches for gaming as the keyboard is designed to give class gaming performance, according to Razer. The actuation point of every key is a bit closer to the top which is why every key will trigger slightly faster when compared to its competitors.

Still, it is important to note that the difference isn’t significant.

Razer Cherry MX Blue

Razer Cherry MX Blue is one of the most popular and widely used types of mechanical switches in the world. In contrast to Razer green switches, it has the same tactile bump and distinctive sound on each and every single key that the user presses.

Most of the complaints that the blue switches get are that the loud sound it produces on every press of a key. But just like the green switches, some users seem to enjoy the clicky sound which the keyboard makes.

While talking about functionality, the Cherry MX Blue and the Razer green switches are awfully similar. Both have identical sounds and may even feel the same. But there is one major difference which is the actuation point of the key.

In the case of the blue switches, there is some sort of extra resistance on every single keypress. Due to this, blue switches are preferred by hardcore typists as the keys also have the ability to spring back before they are fully bottomed down, which the green switches seem to be lacking.

The key trigger might not be as fast as the green switches, but still, some players seem to prefer the blue switches even for gaming.

The Bottom Line

Comparing Razer green switches vs Cherry MX Blue, both are a solid choice for a mechanical keyboard. Before you decide on choosing any one of them, be sure to keep in mind that both of them are known to be loud.

If you don’t seem to have a problem with it, then it is mostly up to personal preference on what keyboard you find more appealing. One offers slight resistance and a spring backup feel, while the other features faster key triggers.

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