3 Ways To Fix “Please Connect an Astro Gaming Device” Error

please connect an astro gaming device
please connect an astro gaming device

A common issue which a lot of users have been facing with Astro gaming devices over the years is one where they aren’t recognized by the system. Whenever players try to connect them in a few specific cases, they’re only greeted by an error message which tells them to “Please Connect an Astro Gaming Device”.

The problem can be a big one since it greatly limits device usage, but it isn’t something that can’t be fixed. With that kept in mind, here are all the solutions you’ll need to fix the problem.

Solutions for “Please Connect an Astro Gaming Device” Error

  1. Use USB Cables

This exact error message is usually the only one that appears when players are trying to connect Astro gaming devices and pair them with specific programs on PC. That said, there is one solution for this issue that tends to work a lot. This particular fix is one that only applies to users that use their Astro gaming devices on PC with the help of optical cables as opposed to USB ones.

If you’re one of these users, consider trying out the USB cable instead. The reason for this is that optical cables that work with Astro devices are usually only meant for use with consoles. On the other hand, USB cables tend to work perfectly when these devices are connected to computers. That’s why using the latter over the former can help a lot of users get rid of this issue.

  1. Try Different Command Centre Software

This second solution is one that might help all those who use Astro gaming devices on Windows computers specifically. For this specific platform, there are actually two different Astro Command Centre programs available. One of them is the software available on the official Astro website which a majority of users have downloaded.

The other is the less known but much more effective as well as advanced version available on the Microsoft store. Try out this other version instead compared to the one from the official Astro website. The website version tends to be faulty when messing around with the settings of newer Astro devices, while the Microsoft store version tends to work quite well with both newer and older products.

  1. Hard Reset the Gaming Device

A good solution for this error message that will for a majority of Astro gaming devices is to simply perform a hardware reset on the device. The process for doing so is different depending on the specific product being discussed. For example, when it comes to most Astro gaming headphones, all users need to do is to put the device on PC mode and connect it to the base station.

After doing this, just press the Dolby button and the game volume button located on the product. Keep them pressed for a few moments and the reset will be complete. While the method for hard resetting other Astro gaming devices is certainly different compared to this, it’s still similar in the sense that it is usually very simple.

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