3 Most Common Logitech G733 Audio Issues (With Fixes)

logitech g733 audio issues
logitech g733 audio issues

Getting audio problems coming out of your headset can be quite frustrating, especially when you have invested good money in buying a gaming headset. In the event that you come across such issues, you have to know how you can troubleshoot such problems.

That being said, the Logitech G733 is headset that seems to come with its own fair share of audio issues. So, in case you own a pair of these and are wondering how you can fix these audio problems, then here is everything that you should know:

Troubleshooting Logitech G733 Audio Issues

1. Audio Gets Silent

A weird issue that we have seen users run into while using the Logitech G733 is how the audio suddenly gets silent even though the headset seems to be working completely perfectly. Some users even mentioned how when they were playing a YouTube ad, the audio was perfectly fine until the actual video when the headset got silent.

If you are also facing this issue, then the first thing that you can try is to unplug/plug your headset into the USB port again. For most users, this seemed to have resolved the problem. Similarly, if you are currently playing any video on the browser, we recommend that you try refreshing the browser page. You can also try connecting your headset to a different USB port.

Most of the time, any such issues are caused when there is some sort of configuration problem or a software bug. So, you can go through your headset’s configuration for resolving the problem.

2. No Audio Coming

Another really common issue with these headsets is that no audio will come out of the headset regardless of the media being played on the computer. Luckily, this issue can be fixed with quite an ease.

The first thing that you should check whenever you experience a problem is your output devices. To do so, you will have to access your Sound Control Panel which is found under the Windows Audio Settings. Inside the playback devices, make sure that you have set your headset as the correct output device. In case you are having a hard time choosing the headset, you can try setting every available device as output until you find the right one.

Just in case, we also recommend checking the volume of your headset through both the volume rocker and using Windows audio settings. Ensure that you have it set to max. Likewise, if you are playing a game, we advise going through the audio settings and making sure that you have configured them properly.

3. Audio Is Too Low

The last complaint that we have had with these headsets is how the volume can get low at times. Although this can happen due to a number of reasons, the first thing that you should check is whether you have the volume set accordingly.

Once you have made sure of that, the next thing we suggest is that you update your Logitech’s software to the latest version. Many users have mentioned how the older version of the Logitech software had a weird bug that made the surround sound not work and also cause your headset’s volume to get incredibly low.

However, the newer version of the program comes with better audio processing software that can help your headset get its volume back. But if you are still not getting the required volume output, you can make use of an amp that will definitely help increase your device’s volume.

The Bottom Line

Experiencing audio issues with your Logitech G733? From getting no sound out of your headset to getting sound that is too low, we have gone ahead and discussed every common audio problem that you can run into when using this particular device.

So, if you wish to learn how you can get rid of such audio issues, we strongly advise following the details mentioned in the article above. Doing so should help in a quick and easy fix to whatever audio queries that you may have.

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