How To Turn On Astro A10 Mic On PS4? (5 Steps)

astro a10 how to turn on mic ps4
astro a10 how to turn on mic ps4

The Astro A10 headphones are made for gaming purposes and can be used on any device or console easily. Often, users who are using these headsets for the first time ask about how to turn on the microphone on PS4. For this reason, we have provided all the steps below which will help you to enable the microphone of Astro A10 on PS4.

Astro A10 How to Turn On Mic PS4

Users who want to connect the microphone of Astro A10 with the PS4 but are struggling to enable the microphone on it can follow the instructions that we are going to list. Therefore, if you are also among those users and want to turn on the microphone then attempt the steps given below.

1. Update the System

The Astro A10 microphone will only work on the PS4 console if its operating system is updated to the latest build. Therefore, firstly update the operating system of the PS4 to turn on the microphone of the Astro A10.

2. Connection

After you are done updating the operating system, connect the headphones via cable with the PS4. Make sure the cable is connected perfectly with the headset and the PS4 to operate the microphone.

3. Default Mode

When you are done connecting the headphone with the PS4 console then set the microphone of A10 to default. As we know, setting the microphone to the default mode is necessary, or else the microphone will not work. You can do this by going to the settings of the PS4 and then setting the A10 microphone to default.

4. Enable The Microphone

This step is very important to turn on the microphone of the headphone. You can enable the microphone by going to the microphone settings and then enabling the microphone only if it is not enabled.

5. Unmuting The Microphone

Unmuting the microphone is the last and most important step for turning on the microphone of Astro A10. This step can be achieved by pressing the volume down button for approximately two seconds. On the other hand, you will not be able to unmute the microphone if it is flipped upwards because in Astro A10 you can mute the microphone by flipping it upwards. Therefore, in this case, flip the microphone back to the normal position and it will be unmuted. Moreover, you can also unmute the microphone by sliding the in-line button on the cable. As a result of attempting all of the steps given above, you will be able to use the microphone on PS4.


If you want to turn on the microphone on PS4 then attempt all of the steps listed below

  1. Update the OS
  2. Connect the cable
  3. Set the microphone to default in settings
  4. Enable the microphone in the settings
  5. Unmute the microphone through the headset

After attempting all of these steps, you will turn on the microphone of Astro A10 on PS4. However, if you are still struggling to enable the microphone on the PS4 then contacting technical support is the only option left for you.

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