Overwatch: Looking For Group Feature

overwatch looking for group
overwatch looking for group

Overwatch is an online multiplayer game and like any other game in its criteria, it has good players, bad players, and straight-up terrible players. Overwatch is a team-based game that heavily relies on team composition and good communication, but no matter how obvious the game has made this, some people just do not get it.

Many players go barging in, acting like heroes, and get themselves killed, which slowly leads to your team being separated and being eliminated by the opposite team who are working excellently together and fulfilling their roles to the fullest. Your team must be good at their roles and have good coordination if you want to win, as a bad team will lead to your characters not working great together and the opposition will be able to wipe you out.

Bad team compositions were a huge issue ever since the release of the game but the issue has been made significantly better ever since the introduction of the Role Queue feature in August 2019. The role queue feature allows you to go into the game choosing a specific role and you are only allowed to choose from the characters that are part of the role you queued as. Because of role queue, a 2-2-2 style of play has been permanently locked, or at least until Blizzard decides to get rid of the role queue feature which is highly unlikely. This means that every single team will have 2 healers, 2 tanks, and 2 damage heroes making sure that every team has the perfect composition.

But composition isn’t all there is to the game, as your own skill is obviously very important. In competitive you are pitted against players who are as good as you because if you are pitted against weaker players they will be at a disadvantage and if you are pitted against stronger opponents you will be at a disadvantage. Although the game does its best to ensure you get a fair team and opposition, it doesn’t always get it right, which can be very costly. Because of this, many players complained and Blizzard eventually introduced a feature that ensured you will get a fair team to play with and a similar team to play against.

Looking For Group Feature In Overwatch

Blizzard introduced the look for group features in mid-2018 which allows players to find a team that is exactly to their liking. The look for group feature is very helpful as it lets you add filters to let you choose your own perfect team. This feature was especially helpful before the introduction of role queue as it also lets you lock players into a specific role, much like the role queue feature.

The looking for a feature also lets you choose between what nationalities of players you want, which allows you to queue up with players that live in the same country as you and prevent you from teaming up with players that do not speak the same language(s) as you. The role queue was certainly a remarkable addition to the game when it came out and everyone was delighted with it, but this has changed in recent times.

Many players have complained about how long it takes to find groups after the introduction of Role Queue and sometimes the game messes up the filters that you set up in order to provide you with a team in a suitable time which makes the feature feel useless. Not many people use the feature anymore as all people wanted to be a good composition which the role queue system has provided them with.

Blizzard has claimed it is working on making the looking for group features better and only time will tell us what they have in store for the feature.

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