4 Ways To Fix Overwatch Login Error

overwatch login error
overwatch login error

Network related errors are quite common in Overwatch due to the fact that it is a multiplayer game. For example, a log-in error might occur at times when you try to play Overwatch. This error occurs when there’s a problem connecting to the Battle.net or Overwatch servers. The error can occur on any platform, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo.

The error is mainly referred to as Error BC-101. When the problem arises, players will get a message saying “Sorry, we were unable to log you in. Please try again later’’. However, there are a few other types of log-in errors as well. For example, Error BC-152 is another form of the login error that only occurs on Xbox One and BC-153 which only occurs on PS4.

Fixing the Overwatch Login Error

Luckily the different types of login errors are quite easy to fix. Try to use some of the solutions given below and you should be able to fix the issue.

  1. Reset your Network Devices

Your router can sometimes get flooded with data. Your router won’t be able to properly perform new tasks when this happens. Luckily, simply resetting your router is enough to fix the issue. Just turn your router off for 30 seconds and then turn it back on again.

Doing this should clear out all unneeded data and will allow your router to perform new tasks again. Try to launch Overwatch again once the reset is complete. If the problem still doesn’t fix, try any one of the solutions below.

  1. Try to Conduct a Looking Glass Test

Blizzard offers a helpful free service on the battle.net website. The service allows users to determine the cause of any network-related issues with any games developed by Blizzard. Just open your browser and go to https://us-looking-glass.battle.net/. You’ll be able to run a test using Looking Glass that will determine if the issue is being caused by your own network or Blizzard’s servers. You’ll just have to wait for a while if it turns out that Blizzard’s servers are responsible for the issue.

  1. Check your Network Configuration

You should check your network configuration settings as the error could be caused due to issues with your firewall. Firewalls can restrict or change the priority of packets from unknown sources. This can cause some patching issues and might stop you from connecting to the Blizzard servers. Updating your router firmware is a good way to solve the issue.

  1. Disable or Uninstall Security Programs

Antivirus applications can sometimes identify the Overwatch login module as a threat. This obviously prevents some users from logging into the game. Simply disable or uninstall any security applications you have installed when you want to play Overwatch. You can install the application back again when you’re done playing the game.


As you can see above, the Overwatch login error is nothing to worry about and can be easily fixed. Just try any of the solutions above and you should be able to enjoy playing Overwatch again in no time.

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