Overwatch: Legacy Aim Assist

overwatch legacy aim assist
overwatch legacy aim assist

Legacy Aim Assist In Overwatch

Overwatch is an extremely fast-paced first-person shooter that requires very good aim to play. Enemies keep moving constantly making landing your shots even harder. The game requires steady hands and great concentration to play. You need to divide your attention everywhere and watch out for any enemies that may try to flank you.

However, the game does try to support you in every way. If your teammates are bad at communication then your team will pay the price but the game still does try it’s best to help with your allies’ characters automatically pointing out snipers and other enemies that have been spotted using specific dialogue. The game also makes up for the god-like aim it requires the help of aim assist.

Overwatch has an aim assist option that is not strong enough to make a major difference but is very helpful and makes sure that aiming with a character is never too hard. But this is just the desired outcome for the feature with the actual aim assist making no difference at all most of the time. Overwatch’s aim assist was horrible up until recently with the introduction of the ‘’legacy mode’’ of aim assist. The new setting matches your personal sensitivity settings for each hero and makes sure it doesn’t make the gameplay feel different from usual.

The new setting allows you to perform sudden flick shots better and helps to aim in close range fights. It is recommended, however, that you keep the setting off or at minimum for when you are playing a projectile character like Hanzo or Pharah as projectiles are slower and it is preferred by many to set their shots slightly distant from the enemy so that the enemy can run into the shot.

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