NZXT H440 vs S340 – Which One To Choose?

nzxt h440 vs s340
nzxt h440 vs s340

The casing is one of the most important elements present in a gaming setup. Yet we can see many players going cheap on the casing. The casing is the only part of the system which keeps your valuable hardware from overheating or damaging itself.

NZXT H440 vs S340

NZXT is one of the most popular companies to offer different casing solutions to their users. They offer a wide range of options through which you can easily choose from. NZXT H440 and S340 are two fan-favorite options that you can find.

Unfortunately, we can see many players getting confused on which one should they go for. Both of them come with their own pros and cons. Using this article, we will be comparing the NZXT H440 vs S340. We will be taking a look at all the aspects of both these options. So, let’s take a look!

  1. Aesthetics and Looks

When looking for a casing, one of the most important things to check is whether the casing looks good or not. As already mentioned above, going cheap on the casing is never a good option. Whenever you are gaming, your casing is the only thing that others will be able to see.

This is why it is important that you have a good-looking casing. Looking at both the options, players seem to like the looks and aesthetics of NZXT S340. It has a much cleaner and bolder look which seems to appeal to most players.

  1. Airflow

Airflow is another really important thing which you should consider while buying a casing. All the hardware components are installed directly into your casing. When you think about it, the casing is just an enclosed box where you keep in your hardware.

Similarly, we all know just how much heat hardware like a CPU or GPU can generate. It is crucial to have good airflow present in your casing due to which the extra heat generated inside the casing can get exhausted.

In comparison, both options have a good airflow design. However, the NZXT H440 seems to take the lead here as it has a much better design for airflow.

  1. Features and Accessibility Options

The most casing has the option of further customizing or improving certain aspects such as the airflow of the casing. The more features the casing has, the more the player will be able to benefit from them. For instance, cable management and fan mounts are a really popular example.

A casing with a good cable management design will help you be able to successfully avoid your room or PC looking messy with wires. Again, the NZXT H440 takes the lead here as it features much more fan mount options, a better cable management solution, and other similar features.

  1. Pricing

The very last thing to discuss is the pricing of both these casings. While it is absolutely necessary that you do not go cheap on a casing, it also does not mean that you should spend a fortune on your casing. Luckily, both the casings are priced decently.

But the NZXT S340 seems to be almost half the price of the NZXT H440. This is one of the biggest reasons why many players seem to prefer the NZXT S340 as it is a much cheaper option, making it a more appealing option for many.

The Bottom Line:

Comparing NZXT S340 vs H440, both casings are a really great option and you really can’t go wrong if you decide to choose either one of them. Furthermore, both of them have a different and unique design, and it is completely up to you on which one you find more appealing.

One thing to keep in mind is that the NZXT S340 is a much cheaper option. If you are indeed on a tight budget, then you probably won’t be missing out on much if you decide to go for S340. But when it comes to features and more options, the NZXT H440 is clearly the better option.

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