Minecraft Unable To Create Directory: 3 Ways To Fix

minecraft unable to create directory
minecraft unable to create directory

You’re bound to encounter a few issues every now and then during your time with Minecraft, which is a completely normal thing as no game is completely perfect. The only problem is that some of these issues are highly annoying and might stop you from playing the game at all.

This means that they might crash the game whenever you try to play or won’t allow it to launch in the first place. One issue which causes the latter is unable to create directory error, which is a common issue faced by many Minecraft players over the years.

Minecraft Unable to Create Directory

If you’re one of the many Minecraft players that have come to face this issue, you’ll be delighted to hear that there are actually multiple great solutions to try. Here are a few of the said great solutions. Just try them out and you’ll be able to get back into Minecraft again.

  1. Reset User Permissions

As the error message which appears every time you face the unable to create directory issue suggests, there’s likely an issue with the game being able to get permission from your system to create a directory. This is one of the most common reasons behind this issue and can actually be fixed pretty easily once you know what to do.

As the problem is being caused by some unforeseen changes with the permissions, all you have to do is reset them through your computer and there shouldn’t be an issue. You can easily reset user permissions, but keep in mind that the process is different for each platform such as Mac or Windows.

  1. Disable Firewalls

There are many cases where any active firewalls on your PC can identify Minecraft as a threat even though it isn’t. Once this happens, there will obviously be a lot of issues whenever you try to play Minecraft with the firewall active. This is why it is recommended that you disable it, at least temporarily while you play Minecraft.

The same goes for any anti-virus that you might currently be using to protect your PC. Most of them wrongfully identify the game as a threat and present problems. Simply disabling them the game is enough to fix the issue unless you’re using ByteFence. Speaking of ByteFence, definitely try out the next solution if you use it.

  1. Get Rid of ByteFence

ByteFence is software in particular that causes a lot of issues with Minecraft. It can stop the game from performing all sorts of things, such as installing updates, accessing the Minecraft servers, and there’s also the fact that it sometimes stops the game from launching completely.

It is highly likely that that’s the case if you have it installed on your PC, which is why it is recommended that you get rid of it and use another similar software instead. Minecraft should be able to create a directory and launch without issue once you completely uninstall ByteFence from your device.

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