Minecraft: How to Repair A Bow? (2 Ways)

minecraft repair bow
minecraft repair bow

In Minecraft, the bow is an extremely popular and essential weapon for a number of reasons. It allows players to hunt and attack enemies from a distance, offering a versatile weapon and tool that you can’t get by without. However, having your bow break while you’re out on a run or in the middle of a fight can be tremendously frustrating, and not knowing how to fix it can put you in a difficult spot.

Repair Bow in Minecraft

Whether it’s an Ordinary bow or an Enchanted one, you can use two main methods to fix a bow:

  1. Repairing a bow using an Anvil
  2. Repairing a bow through the Crafting Table

1. Using an Anvil

Apart from able to fix a bow, the Anvil can combine and rename items and even repair enchanted equipment. You can craft the Anvil with 4 Iron ingots and 3 Iron blocks by arranging them in a 3×3 grid as such:

Now open up the created Anvil and put it your broken bow in the along with the unit material it’s made off, and it will fix the bow without removing any enchantments on it. You can even combine two or more bows to obtain a more powerful and durable weapon.

2. Repairing on the Crafting Table

Just drop two Ordinary bows into the table and the result is a repaired bow with enhanced durability, making it an extremely easy method of repair. However, this method doesn’t work on Enchanted bows as any two or more of these bows in the Crafting Table end up as an Ordinary bow which is highly counterproductive. It is suggested to use this method only for normal bows since an Enchanted one is valuable, not easy to come by.

With this knowledge, you can now easily repair your bow no matter what type it is and won’t have to deal with broken equipment.

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