Mule vs Donkey In Minecraft: What’s The Difference?

minecraft mule vs donkey
minecraft mule vs donkey

Minecraft is filled with multiple different creatures excluding our own character. These creatures all have different behavior depending on their type. For example, there are somewhat human-like villagers that trade with players and perform some other tasks as well. There are also hostile mobs such as creepers and skeletons that will attack the player and engage in fights till the player kills them or till they kill the player.

Minecraft also features a wide range of different animals in the game. There are sheep, dogs, cats, and more. Each of these animals serves different functions in the game. Cats and dogs can be used as pets while sheep can be used for leather. Cows and other animals are also an efficient source of meat. There are also some animals that can be used as a source of transportation in the game. These include horses, donkeys, mules, and more.

Mule vs Donkey in Minecraft

Both the mule and the donkey in Minecraft are very helpful companions. They can be used to travel from one place to another in quicker times while also being an effective way to transport supplies. Many players tend to choose a donkey while others tend to choose a mule. Here is a comparison between both the animals in Minecraft so that you can choose between the two.


Both the donkey and the mule are good means of transportation in Minecraft. Both of the animals can make it easier for your character to travel here and there in faster times while also preventing hunger. However, when it comes down to it, a mule is better than a donkey in terms of mobility.

Mules are capable of jumping at higher lengths while also being considerably faster than donkeys in Minecraft. This makes a mule the better choice for you if you prefer speed above all else.


Mules are much rarer than donkeys in Minecraft. This is due to the fact that unlike donkeys, mules do not spawn automatically. Players will have to breed a horse with a mule in order to create a mule. On the other hand, donkeys can be found and tamed in many different places across the Minecraft world. This makes it much easier to get a donkey in Minecraft as compared to a mule.


Unlike horses, both mules and donkeys in Minecraft allow players to equip them with a chest. This lets players carry items from one place to another without any difficulties. Both the animals have the same carry capacity as they only allow one chest to be attached to them at a time.


Donkeys can be used to breed with any other donkey or horse in the game. This allows players to use donkeys as a source for more donkeys or even mules. Mules, on the other hand, cannot breed in Minecraft or in real life. This means that players will have to keep breeding horses and donkeys in Minecraft if they want more mules.

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