Minecraft Keep Inventory Command

minecraft keep inventory command
minecraft keep inventory command

Minecraft is a very popular game that is loved by many players around the world.  The game was released in 2009 and is available for many platforms, including Android and iOS smartphones. The game has multiple different modes and allows players to host custom games on dedicated servers as well. Some of these custom games are amazing and are as popular as the official modes in the game.

Minecraft is all about endless possibilities. Players can craft whatever comes to mind whenever they want. However, players will need to gather supplies in order to craft said things. Supplies are more and more difficult to gather depending on how useful they are. When a player dies, all of these gathered items are removed from their inventory, unless players have the keep inventory command enabled.

What is the Keep Inventory Command in Minecraft?

As its name suggests, the keep inventory command allows players to keep all items stored in their inventory after death. This spares players from the frustration of losing all the supplies they worked so hard for each time they die in-game.

The command is available to use with most modes of the game. It is a very helpful feature to have as you won’t have to find where you died last time in order to get all your loot back. You can also use the feature in custom games, however, you’ll need to have operator status in order to do so.

Enabling the Keep Inventory Command

You can easily access any command in the game, including the keep inventory command, through Minecraft’s in-game chat window. The way to open the chat window is different on each platform. Just open the chat window and type /game rule keep Inventory true. Just press enter after doing so and the command will be enabled.

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