Minecraft Job Site Blocks (Explained)

minecraft job site blocks
minecraft job site blocks

Minecraft fanatics have made the game the best-selling video game of all time. It does not have specific gameplay and allows gamers to play as they like to. Villagers are a group of sapient humanoids from the Overworld in Minecraft. They are mobs which roam around villages.

The villagers in the game have a friendly nature, someone you can trust in a time of need. They used to be silent figures, but Mojang has added life to their role. The appearance of a villager is according to his profession. The trading area also shows the profession of villagers. The villager gets a job by claiming a job site block.

Minecraft Job Site Blocks

What is a job site block?

A job site block is a block that a villager can claim and get employed. The villagers who are eligible to claim a job site block are those with claimed beds. However, babies and nitwits do not qualify for claiming a job site block. The job should be within the set limit of a 48-block horizontal radius. Minecraft allows gameplay mainly in the horizontal plane and not much in the vertical plane.

How to claim the job site block?

The job can be claimed by a villager who is unemployed. He can claim the job site block that anyone else does not claim within the set radius parameters. If the villager cannot find the path towards the desired block, meaning neither can he reach the block nor see it, then it is a lost track.

If a villager successfully claims a job site block, green particles are visible, claiming the block’s property. In case someone destroys their block, angry particles can be seen. No one can claim a job site that has already been claimed.

In case you have lost your job site block, you still retain your profession. There are two options in such a case:

  • The villager involved in trading with the player can claim a job site only similar to their profession.
  • The advantage for those who have not been involved in trading is they can claim any job site and change their profession according to the claimed job site.

Jobs and Trade:

Villagers can take up to nearly 15 professions. A villager can trade-in the stuff according to their job. For example, you need a particular job; what you need to do is place that particular job block in front of an unemployed villager. The villager will claim that job. In case you do not get your desired trade, you can break down that block and put it back so trades can be reloaded. You can create a village with professions of your choice. Like if you want farmers, put composters in the area, and villagers will opt for them.

Following are the block sites of all the professions a villager can opt for:

  1. The unemployed villager has no block.
  2. A Nitwit is not eligible to get a job.
  3. Blast Furnace for Armorer
  4. Smoker for Butcher
  5. Cartography Table for Cartographer
  6. Brewing Stand for Cleric
  7. Composter for Farmer
  8. Barrel for Fisherman
  9. Fletching Table for Fletcher
  10. Cauldron for Leatherworker
  11. Lectern for Librarian
  12. Stonecutter for Stone Mason /Mason
  13. Loom for Shepherd
  14. Smithing Table for Toolsmith
  15. Grindstone for Weaponsmith

Trade is made through the process of Supply and Demand. This feature is the next level. You can trade four times from a villager before his stock is finished. After that, the villager will be short of rations. He is allowed to replenish the stocks two times a day. Prices of the limited item get skyrocketed, whereas the item with low demand becomes cheap.

When you trade with a villager, your popularity level rises. The villager benefits as he gains experience and the next level of trades are unlocked. There are five levels of trade for a villager. These are Stone, Iron, Gold, Emerald, and the last level is Diamond. Your popularity can increase if you help villagers like by curing zombie villagers or fighting against Illagers.

So, the trade with villagers and their role in the game is significant. It gets complicated with the Supply and Demand feature, but this is the beauty of the game. Play like a professional by managing everything in a village properly. After all, it is your world, and you control it!

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