How to Make an Infinite Lava Source in Minecraft?

minecraft infinite lava
minecraft infinite lava

Minecraft is a video game where players have the complete freedom to explore, and gather resources. As the end goal of the player is to survive, players will often need to gather different resources. These resources or materials will be used to craft items. They are also used to build a variety of structures.

The whole game revolves around the players gathering resources and rare items. There is a list of resources available in Minecraft. Lava and water are the most commonly used resources that can be found in Minecraft.

Renewable Sources in Minecraft

On release, both lava and water were renewable resources. The game offered players an infinite source of these materials. The infinite lava source was an item used to create infinite lava. Unfortunately, as time went by, lava became a much more useful resource. It was soon removed as a renewable resource. Infinite lava source was also removed from the game.

Making an Infinite Lava Source in Minecraft:

Right now, there is no way to build an actual infinite lava source. However, there is another solution for players looking for an infinite lava source. With a bit of work, players can build an infinite lava source in their own way!

You will need to construct a Nether portal. There is a lava lake beneath the Nether in Minecraft. This will act as our infinite lava source. Make sure you place your portal in a very safe location, and in a place where you have quick access.

Before heading down to Nether using the portal, gather a decent amount of cobblestone. You will also need a pickaxe. Once down there, use the cobblestone to block attacks from ghasts. Then, Using the pickaxe and cobblestone, build a safe route to your infinite source of lava. After you’re done, you will now officially have your own infinite source of lava in Minecraft!

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