Grindstone vs Anvil In Minecraft: Compare

minecraft grindstone vs anvil
minecraft grindstone vs anvil

Everyone knows that one of the main focuses of Minecraft is crafting and building. The game is all about letting your imagination run wild and building all the things that you want to. However, it is much more difficult than it sounds.

A lot of hard work goes into building things in Minecraft depending on the mode you’re playing. For example, you’ll have everything you need without having to face any threats in creative mode, however, things are very different in survival. Players will have to manage their supplies and fend off danger while building the things they want.

On top of this, a player’s tools can also break while they keep mining more and more items. This means that players will have to watch out for their tools’ durability. Weapons and other equipment can also break after some use. Once an item breaks, you won’t be able to use it again. Luckily, there are anvils and grindstones in the game that can help you repair your things.

Both grindstones and anvils in Minecraft serve the same purpose, which is to help players repair their equipment. They make it possible for players to fix and even improve their items so that they can get back to mining and fighting enemies. However, both anvils and grindstones in Minecraft are quite different from one another, despite being used to perform a similar task.

Anvil vs Grindstone in Minecraft

Many players debate over which of the two repair stations is better. Here is a comparison between both of them to make the decision easier for you.


It takes about 31 iron ingots to craft a single anvil in Minecraft. The exact requirements for crafting the anvil are 3 blocks of iron and 4 iron ingots. It takes 27 ingots to create 3 blocks of iron which is why players will ultimately need 31 iron ingots to craft it.

On the other hand, players only require a couple of sticks, a slab of stone, and a plank made of any material of choice in order to create a grindstone. This makes them significantly cheaper to craft depending upon the type of material you use for the plank.


Both the anvil and grindstone provide a bonus to a player’s equipment when they’re used. For example, an anvil will add 12% more to the durability of your weapon, tool, or armor. On the other hand, grindstones will add %5 max durability to your weapon, armor, or tool. This makes an anvil the better option if you’re looking to add more durability to your equipment.


Anvils allow players to stack enchantments with their equipment. This makes it easier to combine enchantments and mix their effects to create a powerful weapon.

However, players will lose the enchantments they have on a piece of equipment when using a grindstone. They will instead receive a considerable amount of experience depending on the level and type of enchantment that they lost or traded for the experience.

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