Minecraft Gold vs Diamond- Which Is Better?

minecraft gold vs diamond
minecraft gold vs diamond

One of the main aspects of Minecraft is gathering resources. During exploration, the player is encouraged to gather different resources which he is to use in order to craft and build different things. Similarly, all these resources can be found in different areas.

Minecraft Gold vs Diamond

Gold and diamond are two of the most popular resources that can be found in Minecraft. They are also some of the rarest materials that you can find. Both have their own perks and can be used in order to craft different things.

However, certain users have been making a comparison between gold vs diamond in Minecraft. Using this article, we will be taking a look at both of these resources. We will be discussing both of them in detail in order to help you learn about which resource you should be gathering and using.


When compared to diamonds, gold is a much easier resource that you can find. Although not that common, gold can still be found if the player decides to go deep enough. Gold blocks have some yellow color on them.

In order to find gold, all you have to do is to start digging deep and take an iron pickaxe along with you. You can find a good chunk of gold if you decide to farm for it. Once you find gold and decide to smelt it as well, you can use gold bars in order to craft a variety of things.

However, two of its most common use is in either crafting tools or golden armor. Gold tools seem to be the fastest tools through which you can mine. In actual use, they are really good and can help in farming plenty of stuff. Comparatively, armor made using gold doesn’t seem to perform well in the game.


Diamond is one of the rarest resources that you can find in Minecraft. Farming for diamonds can be a time-consuming task which can also get frustrating. However, diamond is one of the most essential resources which you will need in order to progress in the game.

You will have to go really deep in order to have a chance of finding diamonds in Minecraft. Also, searching for diamonds is also pretty hard, which is why you will be needing plenty of stuff.

Diamond can be used to craft plenty of stuff. However, diamond armor is one of the best armors that you can get in-game.

The Bottom Line

Comparing gold vs diamond in Minecraft, both have their own use. It is clear how both these resources can be used to craft different tools and items. Generally, gold tools are the fastest tools that you can use for farming. On the other hand, diamond is much more suitable for weapons and armor as well as crafting other stuff.

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