Minecraft Enchantment Too Expensive: What Can You Do?

minecraft enchantment too expensive
minecraft enchantment too expensive

Enchantment is a big part of Minecraft in pretty much any mode, but especially in survival mode once you reach a specific point. At this point, you’ll be facing tougher enemies and will need more speed, damage, armor, etc. than you usually have.

Providing you with more of these things and much more is exactly what enchantments are there for, and you can use them on any of your items through an anvil and other means. However, there are obviously some drawbacks when it comes to creating and adding enchantments to an item in the game.

Minecraft Enchantment too Expensive

One of the main drawbacks that players face whenever they try to enchant their items is the cost feature. There is a level cost to adding an enchantment or repairing it through an anvil, and exceeding this limit will make your enchantment too expensive. The cost that you spend on these enchantments is built up through performing a few specific tasks and you’ll need as much as possible in the later stages of the game.

However, there are times when even the highest possible amount is no longer enough for an enchantment. This happens when the cost of your desired anvil combination has finally reached level 40 or even higher. It is impossible to match this cost at a single time, meaning that you can’t repair or attach an enchantment when the cost goes beyond this point. The reason why this cost keeps increasing is pretty simple and straightforward. As you continue to work on a weapon more and more through the anvil, the cost it takes to work on the said weapon on the anvil continues to rise.

This is something that you were probably able to note for yourself while playing the game. There’s nothing you can do once the cost goes above 40, as the enchantment will always be too expensive after this point. However, there is a way for you to avoid the “too expensive’’ issue entirely with your weapons and enchantment combinations. This is to make as much use of welding as you can and not using the anvil too much on your weapons as it will make them too expensive and unrepairable after a specific time.

You can also find many other ways to keep your anvil uses as low as they can possibly be. For example, there’s the option to combine your tools with books to keep the number of anvil uses as low as you can. This will help it make sure that you don’t have to face the too expensive mark as quickly as most players. This also works by combining tools with other tools as it still keeps the anvil uses lower than usual.

However, this method only works properly when both the items that you’re trying to combine have the exact same amount of anvil uses. This means that you’ll have to be efficient and careful while trying it out, or you won’t be able to avoid the enchantment too expensive message for too long.

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