Minecraft Armor Toughness (Explained)

minecraft armor toughness
minecraft armor toughness

Minecraft is the perfect game that is closest to reality and adds the right experience to your gaming routine. With Minecraft, you get to face a bit of action too. There are lots of things involved such as mobs attacking, golems, and other factors that can cost you your health and you will need to be careful about that. The good thing is that you get the armor in the game that will help you a bit with saving your health and you will be safe from attacks and getting damage to your health.

What is Armor Toughness?

Armor toughness is the measure that allows you to know how many blows your armor can take. This is sort of an additional health bar you can get. The interesting part is that your armor toughness can be increased if you treat it right and smelt some more iron to make armors in the furnace or it can also decrease if you are taking any blows and damages on your armor.

There are different things that your armor toughness can depend on and here are a few things to consider if you are concerned about the toughness of your armor of you are having some attacks coming your way.

Armor material

There are tons of materials and metals in the game that you can use to make your armor. You just need enough metal to smelt in the furnace and shape it into armor. An iron armor will be less tough than an armor made of steel or some other metal available for you. So, you are going to need to be extremely careful about it when you are crafting your armor.

Minecraft Armor Toughness Mechanism

The armor toughness is a close call that might vary based on certain factors. But a simple rule for you to calculate it is that if you get a blow, you will it will take 2 points of damage from your health bar. 20 points make the full diamond on the health bar and that cannot be said the same for the armor.

If you are taking one blow from a golem, some mob, or any other thing that can damage your health, you will get a decrease of 2 points from your armor toughness bar. But with the armor, it is doubled. 10 damaged points on armor will mean that you will lose full diamond on the armor toughness bar that makes it 20 points.

What you can make armor off?

There is an abundance of different metals out there and Minecraft makes things even more interesting because you can use several other elements to craft armor from. Some of the armors that you can use in the game are:

1. Leather Armor

Leather is the first tier of armors in the legendary Minecraft and is capable of saving you from very less damage. It can only absorb 28% of the damage and that percentage is of your actual health bar without the armor. You can also dye the armor according to your choice and it will pop out.

2. Golden Armor

The second tier is the golden armor and it is made out of gold as the name might suggest. It is slightly more durable than the leather armor and is able to absorb 40% of the damage for you. You need golden nuggets to smelt the armor, and each piece of the armor can be smelted again in the furnace adding one golden nugget to your inventory.

3. Chainmail armor

Chainmail armor is the third tier of armor in the game and needless to say it was a pretty famous and the most used type or armor during the medieval times in the real world. The armor can be obtained by killing zombies or skeletons that are wearing chainmail armor.

4. Iron Armor

Iron Armor is the fourth tier and it can easily take 60% of the damage. It is the least enchantable material and it can also be worn by the mob. You can smelt it down as well to obtain some iron nuggets.

5. Diamond Armor

Diamond armor is the fifth tier of the armors and it is twice as durable than chainmail or iron. It can take 80% of damage for you if you are wearing a complete armor with all the pieces on it.

6. Netherite Armor

Netherite armor is the sixth tier of armor and it is undoubtedly the strongest one out there. This armor has 92% durability and is the pretty rate to find.

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