Merge Dragons Cloudland Level 5

merge dragons cloudland 5
merge dragons cloudland 5

Merge Dragons

Merge Dragons is probably the most popular strategy game on mobile platforms these days. Thanks to its creative nature and dynamic colors with the right animations and game dynamics, you are guaranteed to be hooked with the game no matter what. You can play this game to kill time on your phone when you are getting bored, or become addicted like the rest of us, and make it your mission to save all that mystical, magical land by merging those objects that you can find in the world of Merge Dragons.

merge dragons

To make things interesting, there are different levels, divided amongst different lands on that magical world. Some of these levels are in green, flowery gardens. Some of the levels are in magical ghostly jungles, or maybe those chilly, icy mountains. You also get to enjoy some levels in skies amongst the clouds and that is where you get the chance to play at Cloudland Level 5.

Cloudland Level 5

cloudland level 5

If you have reached Cloudland level 5, that means you must have played those cloudland level 4 and other before reaching here. As you can see in the image, you only get 20% part of the level to start with and you need to heal the land by merging those magical resources you got. The more you merge, the more land you will uncover and you will discover some great magical objects on the journey.

You will also earn a score as you uncover the land, and your chest will be filled with tons of new magical objects. If you are looking to have an in-detail overview of Cloudland 5, you are most certainly at the right place as we got you covered. It is in the Clouds Bracket as the name suggests. There is a series of nested Mystic Cloud Keys that you need to unravel and save the land. You can do it if you really want to and have the patience to achieve these goals.

Level Hierarchy

Cloudland Level 5 is at 169 number. You cannot simply jump up to it, and you need to unlock and win all those 195 levels before it. If you are at Level 169, that means you have covered almost 70% of the game that is out there and you are prepared for what is coming next for you. But this level is beyond everything.

This might look like a straight forward level to you, but you will have to kill some Zomblins as well and create lost soul’s grave before your dragons destroy those Zomblins. You will need to keep an eye on your dragons while they are at it because you never know what is coming next and you certainly don’t want to lose your precious dragons here or them destroying all the caves before you can get a tomb that you are going to need.

Chalice cost

As you can expect from a level 169, the chalice cost is pretty high. It will cost you 5 Chalice which means you will probably get only once a chance a day at this level. You need to be on your toes and extremely careful because you don’t want to miss your only chance for the day and have to wait a whole day before getting another go at the level. That is why you should not be doing anything fancy or try something that you are unsure of at this level. All you need to do is be careful and follow the instruction. Your instincts are your best friend and at this level, you are going to need them the most.

Coupled with your previous experience of the game, you can ace the level if you are patient enough. It is recommended to use only one dragon at this level as they can kill those zombies really fast and destroy all their caves. You don’t want that as you are going to need the tombs to merge and create the shrubs that are going to be helpful as you move forward with the level. This might take a little time and you will have to play the level slowly. All you need to do is remind yourself that good things come to those who wait.


cloudland level 5 area

There are three primary goals at this level with an ultimate end goal. You need to cover these goals step-by-step with patient and extreme caution as one wrong step can cost you a whole day worth of Chalice and you will be left waiting for another chance at the level.

Goal 1

The first goal is to create a Prism Flower Bud. To do that, you will need to merge 5 seeds of the prism flower. You will find them all on the level. Don’t be hasty to merge only three seeds as it will lose you the chance of creating the prism flowers bud. Then, you will need to merge the sprouting Prism Flower with the other Sprouting Prism Flowers and your first goal will be accomplished. This will also unlock some of the more lands for you.

Goal 2

Goal 2 is pretty much simple than the first one and all you need to do is merge three Shrub Sprouts. These will be found once you have completed the first goal and uncovered more land from these clouds. You need to merge these shrub sprouts to create a Nice Shrub. This will also add to your score considerably.

Goal 3

Goal 3 entails creating Doom Crosses. Here is where your Zomblin caves come into play. You will need to merge four zomblin caves in Super Dead Land to get two doom crosses that will achieve your third goal. This will also uncover the rest of the land and all the land will be healed. Now, you can move towards the end goal. 

End Goal

end goal

The end Goal entails creating Restored Gaia Statue. Don’t mistake it with an ordinary object and you will need to be extremely careful while creating one. You can use all the resources from the level, and merge them to create the Restored Gaia Statue to win the level.

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