3 Reasons Why Mark of The Sentinax Is Not Dropping in WoW

mark of the sentinax not dropping wow
mark of the sentinax not dropping wow

Quests are one of the most important aspects of WoW. These quests have unique objectives that need to be completed by the player. After he successfully clears them, he is then able to progress further in the game, as well as receive various rewards for completion.

Why Mark of the Sentinax is Not Dropping in WoW?

Mark of the Sentinax is one of the many quests that you can find in WoW’s Broken Shore location. The quest requires the player to slay and bear the marks of the Sentinax that can be found throughout the region.

Unfortunately, many players are confused by the fact that the mark is not dropping after they slay the Sentinax. Today, we will be telling you all the reasons why Mark of the Sentinax is not dropping for you in WoW. All of the reasons are given down below:

  1. It is Only an In-Quest Item

Even though this is pretty much a given, but some players don’t seem to know this. What this means is that the item will only drop when you are currently doing the quest. If not, then you will not have the item dropped.

So, be sure that you have accepted the quest before you proceed with collecting the item. After you have the quest, you should be able to get them fairly easily. If not, then jump on to the next reason why you could not be getting any drops.

  1. You Might Be Missing a Quest

There are quite a few conditions before you can finally complete the quest. More specifically, there are a number of quests that need to be completed by the player before he can proceed on with this particular quest and collect any drops.

You will have to make sure that you complete the class hall campaign. You will need to have your own class title. Furthermore, there are a number of other conditions as well. For instance, you need to have all the followers as well as the Legionfall quest which many players seem to miss. Afterward, you should be able to proceed with Mark of the Sentinax quest.

  1. Ensure That You Have Turned in the Beacon

Before trying to farm the Marks, you will have to first go under Sentinax. You will need to start killing the mobs until you get a beacon. After picking the beacon, you will get the quest to turn it in at Legionfall base.

Once you have turned it in, you should be able to start farming the marks.

The Bottom Line

Mark of the Sentinax not dropping in WoW? Simply follow all the sets of instructions that we have mentioned in this article. Doing so should let you easily resolve the problems without any further complication.

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