Let It Die Not Launching On Steam: 3 Ways To Fix

let it die not launching steam
let it die not launching steam

Let It Die is a very fun RPG hack and slash video game that has earned itself a loyal player base since its release. It is very violent and features lots of gore-filled hack and slash action. There are all sorts of different enemies that you can face off against, and they’ll be making life much more difficult for you every step of the way.

It is an enjoyable experience. But, it’s only enjoyable if you can get it to launch. If you’re unable to get Let It Die to launch with Steam, here are some solutions to try out.

How to Fix Let It Die Not Launching Steam

  1. Whitelist Through Anti-Virus

There is a very commonly known problem among Let It Die players. This problem causes the game to crash as soon as you try to get it to launch if you’re using an anti-virus program in the background. Said programs tend to recognize Let It Die as a threat for no particular reason and prevent it from launching, which is why you have to whitelist the game to get it to run. This can easily be done by going into the main application of whatever anti-virus program you use.

From the settings, whitelist Let It Die and then try to get the game to run again. There should be no issues of the sort any longer. You don’t have to worry about any viruses or problems either as the game is completely safe to play and your anti-virus software is recognizing it as a threat for no good reason. This solution is especially effective for all those that use Avast.

  1. Force Launch in Window Mode

A highly effective solution to the problem is to just launch Let It Die in windowed mode. There’s no option to do this through the launcher, but you can manually tinker with some settings in order to force open the game in window mode. The first thing that you need to do is go to the folder where Let It Die is stored on your PC and head to the specific location where the configurations are.

The pathway to the said location should look something like this ‘’\LET IT DIE\BrgGame\Config’’. Find a file in this location which should be named ‘’BrgGraphicsConfig.ini’’. Open it and then locate some text written as ‘’mbFullScreen’’. Change the value written next to this text from true to false, and then launch the game again. It should work properly, although in windowed mode. However, you can change it back to full screen easily.

  1. Update Drivers

A solution that tends to work for a lot of users is simply updating all of their drivers that would be necessary for running a game. Go to your device and driver settings. In here, you should be able to check if there are updates available for any of your drivers. If there are, install them and then launch let It Die through Steam once again.

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