Corsair K70 Rapidfire vs Lux- Which One’s Better?

k70 rapidfire vs lux
k70 rapidfire vs lux

Mechanical keyboards are a really important thing to have in a gaming setup. Not only do they give you a fast response time whenever you type anything, but they are also more comfortable to use in general. On top of that, mechanical keyboards come with RGB.

Corsair K70 Rapidfire vs Lux:

Lately, we have been seeing a number of users compare two really popular models of the Corsair mechanical keyboard series. More specifically, they have been comparing the Corsair K70 Rapidfire vs Corsair K70 Lux against each other.

While both of these models may look awfully similar to you, there are some key differences between both these keyboards making one truly apart from the other. Using this article, we will be discussing all the similarities along with the differences that both these devices have to offer. So, without wasting any time further, let’s get started!

  1. Aesthetics and Design

Both of the keyboards belong to the very same series, which is why the design of both models is pretty much the same. In fact, you might not be able to find any difference with the design choice of these keyboards at all.

The good thing is that the aesthetics and design of both models are pretty good, even if they are the same. So, if you really want to make your gaming set up look great aesthetically, then you won’t be going wrong with choosing either one of the models. Both should be pretty good in this regard.

  1. Switches

The most important aspect that also differentiates one model from the other is the mechanical switch being used in both these models. The Corsair K70 Rapidfire, it uses the Cherry MX Speed switches. On the other hand, the Corsair K70 Lux uses the Cherry MX red switches.

While both these keys work great, you will notice a difference when using both these keyboards side by side. The red switches are mostly known for being silent as they don’t really make that much of a noise. In contrast, the Cherry MX speed switches are designed to help you be able to type as fast as you can.

  1. Performance

As already mentioned above, both keyboards come with different mechanical switches. This is the reason why both of them might perform slightly differently when used. The Corsair K70 Lux won’t really require you to press the key all the way down as it features a more accurate actuation point.

Also, the speed switches might seem slightly louder when compared to the red switches. There really isn’t any push-back feel on both these keyboards like you get with the blue switches.

  1. Pricing

As the only major difference between the keyboard are the mechanical switches present in them, the pricing of these models isn’t really that different. As a matter of fact, you can find both of them at almost the same price range.

So, pricing should be one of your least concerns when you are deciding between both these models.

  1. User Review

Before we wrap everything up and give our final conclusion on the comparison, it is important to see what the users have to say about both these models. From what we have managed to gather so far, both the users seem happy with their purchase.

Users who preferred red switches seem to have bought the Corsair K70 Lux whereas others who preferred the latter went with the K70 Rapidfire.

The Bottom Line:

Comparing Corsair K70 Rapidfire vs Corsair K70 Lux, the only noticeable difference that you will find on these keyboards are the mechanical switches. On the debate of which one of these is better, it really boils down to personal preference as some users seem to be more comfortable with the red switches while others not so much.

We recommend that you first determine the type of switches that you would like better after which you should be able to make the right decision.

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