How To Turn Off Fire Spread In Minecraft?

how to turn off fire spread in minecraft
how to turn off fire spread in minecraft

Minecraft has a bunch of resources that can be used for different purposes. A fire is one such resource. Fire is basically a single non-solid block in Minecraft. Fire can be found in the terrains of the Nether. Lightning strikes can also produce fire.

In Java Edition, fire cannot be added to the player’s inventory. Fire can be placed on an area using a fire charge, or flint and steel. The amount of time the fire will burn is completely random. Likewise, water is used to quickly extinguish a fire.

Fire Spread in Minecraft

A fire can spread if a flammable object is placed near a block of fire. The fire can spread through walls, floors, ceilings, and holes. Due to this reason, a player should be extra careful when using fire. He should be cautious while building a fireplace.

Cobblestones are mostly used to cover the fire in a way that fire does not ignite the blocks above. Fire can spread through any flammable object in the game. Many materials and structures are highly flammable, especially ones made out of wood. For instance, logs and bookshelves are highly flammable objects. They will catch fire after they are placed near it.

How to Turn off Fire Spread in Minecraft

For all those players annoyed with the idea of fire spread, or those who are scared to even light a fire. There is a way to completely disable fire spread in Minecraft. All you have to do is write a single line of command in text chat. Simply access the chat in Minecraft by pressing the chat button, and type the following command line:

/gamerule doFireTick false

This will disable the fire from spreading. If you want to revert back the changes and turn on fire spread again, write the following line in text chat:

/gamerule doFireTick true

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