How To Stop Pillagers From Spawning in Minecraft?

how to stop pillagers from spawning minecraft
how to stop pillagers from spawning minecraft

Pillagers are hostile mobs (Illagers) that are armed with crossbows and engage the player through ranged combat. Usually, Pillagers spawn in a group as a whole patrol, where one of them acts as the patrol captain. Apart from patrols, they can also spawn in raids or outposts.

Whenever you try to kill a group of Pillager, more of them will spawn after a short period of time. This can be quite annoying and frustrating. However, there are a number of things that you can do in order to stop them from spawning. So, let’s go through each one of them one by one:

How To Stop Pillagers From Spawning In Minecraft?

  1. Lower Your Difficulty!

The first and easiest thing you can do to stop Pillagers from spawning is to lower your difficulty all the way down to Easy. The reason for this is because, in easy mode, Pillagers don’t really spawn at light levels above 9.

They will still spawn at night, but that as well can be avoided by simply making use of torches. Alternatively, if you find a group of Pillagers wandering about, you can run away from them. After you are 150-200 blocks away from them, they should despawn after a few seconds have passed.

  1. Trap The Pillagers!

As already mentioned above, if you kill a Pillager, more will spawn after a short time. This means that killing them simply won’t get you anywhere.

What you can do here is to trap the Pillagers using blocks or through digging a big hole. You will have to first determine their spawn. You can also place lava inside if you want to. In either case, this won’t make all of the Pillagers disappear. But it will ensure more of them don’t spawn.

The Bottom Line

These are the 2 ways on how you can stop Pillagers from spawning in Minecraft. Make sure you follow the guidelines mentioned above.

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