What is the Payday 2 Camera Loop?

payday 2 camera loop
payday 2 camera loop

Payday 2 was certainly a popular game back when it first came out, and even today it manages to be a surprisingly famous multiplayer game with lots of content to satisfy players.

In fact, this content is the main reason why the game is so popular today in the first place since it keeps new and old players alike as busy as they can be. New DLCs are frequently released and there is just a lot to like about Payday 2 in general. While the game certainly isn’t perfect, it does have its charms.

One of these charms is the uniqueness that Payday 2 has. The game focuses on heists which is certainly different from most other popular multiplayer shooters around and as a result, it has lots of fun and unique features.

This includes all kinds of different gameplay features which help you and your band of heisters trick security and enemy organizations in order to gain the upper hand when it counts most. We’re going to be discussing one of these features today, along with how players can use it.

What is the Payday 2 Camera Loop?

Players can make their characters learn lots of tricks so that they always stay one step ahead of GenSec and all other opposing parties in Payday 2 while conducting heists with teammates. This includes all kinds of different things.

Some skills can help kill enemies in combat, some skills can help teammates after combat is done for now, and some can help players avoid combat altogether when the option may arise. The feature we’re going to be discussing is one related to avoiding combat.

This refers to the looping stealth skill which players can learn through the skill tree. The Payday 2 camera loop technique is one of the most useful ones of them all depending on the current situation.

Security cameras are some of the most annoying things in the game because they can almost immediately spot players as well as other things such as active drills. This allows them to notify security teams which will immediately be deployed to hunt you and your team down.

However, with the looped camera skill, it becomes possible for players to play the same footage on these security cameras. That way you’re free to do whatever you or your teammates might want to in front of them as long as the footage is being looped.

The time limit might be quite short on paper, but it provides more than enough time to sneak by, plant drills, or get to other points, while also giving the opportunity to do other things of the sort. So now that users know exactly what the looped camera skill is, here’s how to use it.

How to Loop Cameras in Payday 2?

The first and most important step is unlocking the camera loop skill so that it can be used in the first place. If you’re new to the game, this is something that might take some time. So to get started, launch the game and go to the inventory menu of your preferred character.

Once that’s done, find the way to the skills tab and go into the specific tab with all of the Ghost (stealth) skills. Continue rising on the Shinobi skill tree until players finally have the option to get the Nimble skill.

Once the skill is finally purchased and available for use, the only thing left to do is start a heist that’s compatible with stealth playstyles. Try to get a squad ready for these consisting of people you know for the best possible outcomes since stealth requires a lot of communication.

Once the heist starts, just try to find a camera and get directly under it without being spotted. When players look up directly towards the camera with the Nimble skill acquired, they’ll be presented with the option to hold a button on their keyboard/controller which will let them start the camera loop. So just hold this button and the loop will begin. That’s all there is to use the handy feature.

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