How To Get Out Of Diamond In Overwatch (7 Ways)

how to get out of diamond overwatch
how to get out of diamond overwatch

Overwatch is a massively popular First-Person Shooter multiplayer game that utilizes teamwork, counter moves, and ability use bundled with exceptional game sense to outwit the enemy team. It has various game modes for both casual and hardcore gamers, but most importantly we’ll be discussing the Competitive mode that ranks players based on their game skills and Skill Rating (SR) into different rank tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Grandmasters (the holy 1%).

Bronze is usually filled with newbies who are new to Overwatch while Master and Grandmaster consist of the best of the best players around the world, whereas 3 quarters of the player base sits somewhere around Gold and Platinum where team play is present but not necessarily required.

However, you can’t just start off your Overwatch journey with competitive matches and there are prerequisites that are needed like leveling up to level 25 and playing 10 placement matches that land you in your starting rank, this helps you practice and enhance your gameplay knowledge before playing in competitive pools.

How To Get Out Of Diamond In Overwatch

Most people, no matter how much they play, usually land around Gold and Platinum and even if they make it to Diamond it’s tough to jump past this rank and further your game journey. The following are the tips that will help you get out of Diamond tier and make your way to the elite pool of players.

1) Don’t be toxic

Every competitive game has players that are passionate about winning, and this mindset can sometimes lead you to be negative to your teammates during a match. Regardless of what you or your teammate did, it’s better to provide a positive callout which will help your team perform better and better your chances at winning.

2) Know your mistakes

Replaying your matches can help you analyze your gameplay and learn from your mistakes, and communicating with your team and discussing losses can prove beneficial in performing better and increasing your skills.

3) Be aware of your role

Every player needs to understand their role in the game perfectly and coordinate with their team, which sounds simple but in essence, has a great impact on team builds and overall performance.

4) Play with a trusted team

It cannot be stressed enough how important team play is in this game and knowing your teammates and communicating with them fully can be the deciding factor between a win and a loss. Try the “looking for a team” tool to find players to play with and trust them to do their job so you can do yours.

5) Hero knowledge

It’s important to know exactly what each hero and its abilities can do during a match, and a timed attack with the perfect conditions can turn the tide in any battle.

6) Watch better players and plan ahead

Watching professional players and studying their gameplay can help you plan your own game and strategize better and stay aware of any flanks by the enemy or moves made on your support.

7) Team composition

The most important factor in any match, the composition of your team against your enemy is extremely vital and determines the entire game from start to finish. Be wary of counters and tricky heroes and make up your team in a way that utilizes all the abilities to their fullest.

Keep playing and utilize these tips to enhance your game sense and overall game performance and sooner or later you’ll find yourself out of the Diamond bracket and into the bigger leagues.

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