How To Fix Audio Glitch In Fortnite – 5 Suggestions

how to fix audio glitch fortnite
how to fix audio glitch fortnite

Audio glitches in a competitive game can be the most annoying problem that you’ll have to face. There have been a ton of reports on audio glitches in Fortnite where users won’t be able to hear footsteps or gunshots. The specifics of these glitches can vary from player to player, but the overall problems with the audio are pretty consistent. Most of the time, these audio issues are just related to minor bugs. So, if you don’t know how to fix the audio glitch in Fortnite, try following some of these troubleshooting methods. Hopefully, you won’t have to spend much time fixing the audio glitch.

How To Fix The Audio Glitch In Fortnite

1. Check Audio Drivers

The audio drivers should be the first thing that you should check when the sound is glitching in Fortnite. For the majority of players, the fix to the audio glitch was updating the audio drivers. So, if you’ve restricted automatic driver updates, now is a good time to check for newer audio drivers. Once the audio drivers have been updated on your PC, try to reboot the system and then launch the game again. It has a decent chance of fixing the issue, and you won’t have to bother with more solutions.

2. Repair Game Files

Damaged or missing game files on your PC can also contribute to the same situation with audio glitches in Fortnite. So, if your audio drivers were updated already and the issue is not fixed after reinstalling the audio drivers, your next step should be repairing the game files. To do that, you can use the EPIC launcher and access the game settings to verify the game files. It will take a while, and the game will start downloading the missing files after the verification is complete.

3. Remove Amps

Removing amplifiers and any third-party application that might interfere with the audio is a must when you’re running into these issues. The third-party applications are only creating audio issues for your game, and it is best to rely on the in-game audio-only for best results. So, if you have extra apps running in the background that might interfere with the audio, just turn them off for a brief moment and check the audio.

4. Change Playback Device

Sometimes, changing the playback device from the sound settings is a good idea for most players. So, if you’ve not been successful with the troubleshooting steps, try to access the playback settings through the taskbar and change the active device. Test out the new device for a few matches to check the audio status in-game.

5. Disable Screen Optimization

The last thing you can do is disable the full-screen optimization through the compatibility tab in the Fortnite client properties. This might be an obscure method, but disabling the optimization settings can have a positive impact on the performance of the game. So, remove the optimization from the Fortnite client and then reboot the PC once before launching the game. Hopefully, the issue will be fixed, and you won’t have to contact technical support.

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