4 Possible Causes Why Fortnite Alpha Tournament Not Working (With Soultions)

fortnite alpha tournament not working
fortnite alpha tournament not working

Fortnite is probably one of the biggest and most challenging games available. A barrage of moves combined and bounded with different keys to make the best experience is one of the biggest addictions of the game. Those who play this game on a competitive level are a class apart and those who start it are left addicted to its eye-opening graphics and gameplay.

One of the reasons that Fortnite rose to significance was due to its different tournaments and battle passes that can be carried out all from the comfort of your room. However, in case the Fortnite alpha tournament does not work arises then it can be quite troublesome.

Fortnite Alpha Tournament Not Working

1. Server Capacity

The sudden inflow of a huge number of players from different parts of the EU and world combined. These players went straight to matchmaking and as a result overloaded the system, making it extremely difficult to complete the matchmaking process. The servers tried to balance the match assignment in the light of the demand, but it was finding it difficult to do so, given the sheer number of players. Fortnite tried to address all the issues with their forums and explained that the matchmaking strategy is being revised to make the system streamlined to accommodate the rush of the players at the start of the tournament.

2. Schedule & Tournament Regions

As was the question of the Fortnite alpha tournament not working, the admins had created different regions for players around the world. Then specific timings were placed to mitigate any collision between the server timings and reduce the burden on the servers when the influx of new players takes place from different regions. Some players complained that the ‘Tournament Region’ displayed in the Events tab indicated that the player was viewing the list from “North America”. This was later clarified to be a visual bug and soon shall be resolved, but the players should be aware that the tournament schedule and name would only appear before them if the time comes for their region. Otherwise, they might not see it in the first place.

3. Incorrect Scoring Cards

Fortnite is a very challenging game and to get to the top player’s community you need to have a certain set of points. Unfortunately, in this Fortnite alpha tournament not working issue, we saw that the players were facing two separate scenarios.

One was that of the players who did not receive any points at all because they were not being matched into the tournament, due to the faulty matchmaking process, even though they appeared to be inside the matches. A quick fix for this is to reboot the computer and the game to refresh all the bugs, which might have corrupted the matchmaking process, and help you get back on the game.

The second issue was incorrect scoring. Either some players were getting points that they did not earn, or they did not get any, even though they reached the elimination stages. This was a big issue for most of the players. Although the correct scoring should appear after two-three minutes or when they returned to the lobby. Unfortunately, for those who lost the points during this malfunction, the points cannot be recovered, and they would have to start from scratch again.

4. Matchmaking Issue

The tournament is focused on bringing those players who have similar scores during the session into matchmaking. Those players who had a higher score were waiting for a longer period than those who had less scores. Since higher scores were being matched with higher score players. The junior players were to wait for a shorter period and have easier matches. Though the concept was clear, it did not dish out as it was supposed to. There were players with higher scores pairing up with players with lower scores. This made it extremely difficult for the junior players to compete against the stronger more formidable players.

Fortnite claimed that they are working to resolve this issue as all the Fortnite alpha tournaments, not working issues are coupled with the matchmaking process. However, it will take time before they have a specific result for their given set of problems. The best thing to do is to keep searching for blogs on the internet related to such issues, knowing what went wrong, and when will it be fixed.

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