4 Reasons Why Your Fortnite Friend Code Is Not Working

fortnite friend code not working
fortnite friend code not working

Fortnite became a sensation as soon as it was launched. It revolutionized the way the gaming industry operated on. Not only did it change the concept of multiplayer but also brought together millions of people on a single platform where they could compete and see the great player. The ability to play with friends and create teams made it even more beautiful. This was followed suit by various other games such as free fire and a few other competitors.

However, as explained earlier the thing that made Fortnite fun was being able to play with your friends in the multiplayer game. In which you could compete either in a team or solo match, but if that aspect is taken out then it might not be that fun. Therefore, when the Fortnite friend code not working issue came up. It was posing a problem for such players. Here is a list of a few problems that might plague your gaming experience.

Fortnite Friend Code Not Working

1. Too Many Friends Request

Fortnite can pair up different players together using the matchmaking engine. What better fun to be paired up with your friends. In light of this, you can send a friend request to the people you may know. Once they add, you would be able to see their online status and vice versa. In this way, you can always know when your friends are online.

However, if you send out 500 friends request then it will become impossible to send out any friend invites, nor would you be able to receive them as well. This may also include the pending requests in the friend list. To cancel the existing sent or pending requests. You can go to your Friends list, click on the search field, and then choose the name of the person you want to remove to make things come back to normal.

2. Server Issue

With the immense number of players coming on the platform on daily basis, the servers are running 24/7, which makes it difficult to manage these players every time. Especially when the tournament period comes. This makes it utterly impossible to avoid crashes and loss of data.

As was the case with the Alpha tournament, in which players lost their points while some got them without even playing a single match. According to Fortnite, it was because of their immense load on the servers. Therefore, there might be a slight malfunction on the servers, which might cause a temporary bug. This can even lead to the Fortnite friend code not working issue. This will get resolved with time.

3. Restarting the PC

As explained earlier, due to the immense load, it will be very difficult to provide a service without fault. Sometimes the server might crash, or a temporary bug might infect the data packet, which was requested by your computer. Therefore, it is requested to closely monitor your PC and if it malfunctions then you should close the client and restart the system. This is probably the best solution to the Fortnite friend code not working. This will reset the system and remove any faulty data packets. All you have to do is restart the game and start playing.

4. Update your System

There have been cases in which people have seen malfunctioning in Fortnite due to outdated software firmware. This was mostly done by the PS4 or other console players. They saw that they lost their friend’s code tab completely or they could not send or receive any of the friend’s requests from different people.

This might be since their system is outdated and might not be able to support the new updates. In addition, if they have a new system, then they need to update the software version of their consoles or systems to resolve the system issue that might have been present. The overall process, however, is very simple, you just must log in to your account and go to the general manager and look for any new updates. Once in sight click on the update button and this should help you fix the issue.

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