Fortnite Scroll Wheel Not Working? Try These 5 Quick Methods

fortnite scroll wheel not working
fortnite scroll wheel not working

Fortnite is probably one of the biggest games of the decade with players ranging in hundreds of thousands worldwide. This has developed to be a major player in the world gaming industry with servers running 24/7 to bring the best possible results for its customers. However, with this huge number of players, there are multiple hiccups present on the servers as well.

Since they must deal with a huge quantity of traffic on daily basis. A small bug in this process can ruin the whole gaming experience for the players. The biggest issue that people faced during this fiasco is that of the Fortnite scroll wheel not working. Here are a few probable reasons for these.

Fortnite Scroll Wheel Not Working

1. Scroll Wheel Not Bound Properly

Fortnite is an extremely mechanically demanding game and requires a combination of buttons to work out the best results. This yields the most iconic combos but can make the life of the player fairly miserable.

However, a good controller-based player can sort out all these issues by binding different keys together to make the combination as relevant to the keyboard/mouse players as possible. Though when they bring the combination into play the scroll wheel does not work. The thing to consider is going into the game’s setting and shifting the mechanics according to the controller. This will make things quickly.

2. Mouse is Damaged

Fortnite players tend to use the scroll wheel to perform different actions and although it can be programmed to do multiple tasks it is difficult to maintain the required functions. Some people might complain that the Fortnite scroll wheel not working.

Even though the scroll wheel has been bound to that function, the required function is not working. Then you should consider changing your mouse as the scroll wheel might be damaged. This is very rare in new and advanced mice on the market, but it is a possibility. Try changing the mouse to see if the issue is solved or persists.

3. Application-Specific Issue

Some programs are not correctly aligned with the scrolling messages being created from the scroll wheel. If the scroll wheel does not work, try shifting to a different application and check if it works there. If it does not then consider getting another mouse, if it does then your application has an issue, and you need to reach out to customer support as soon as possible. But bear in mind that it is a very time-consuming process, and you might not get a response for months.

4. Update Mouse Driver

There are extremely complicated mice on the internet that have their system inside them. This system needs to be kept up to date otherwise you might lose out on the functionality side of the device. This ‘update’ issue is probably one of your issues and can make your life a living nightmare. As there is no way of knowing if your mouse is not working or it has been left without an update for a long time. Try upgrading the firmware by using the designated software engine that comes with the mouse.

5. Game Bug

As explained earlier Fortnite is an extremely competitive game with thousand of users playing online at the same time. You need to consider the fact that sometimes the servers will not perform the designated functions as they are supposed to be. This is probably a short-lived malfunction and can be fixed by rebooting the game and requesting the data again from the servers. This is most likely to resolve the issue. One other thing you need to consider is that these games have a lot of bugs and can take months before anyone can do anything about them. The best thing you can do is see the online platforms and cross-check your issue with others facing the same issue. This will probably help you out a great deal and might even help you learn a few tips and tricks.

One other thing to do, if you see that the issue is being faced by many people then reach out to the customer care of Fortnite and tell them about this bug so that they are aware of it.

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