Why Is My Audio Lagging In Fortnite?

why is my audio lagging fortnite
why is my audio lagging fortnite

Lagging audio in Fortnite has a huge impact on your final placement in a match. It doesn’t only mess with your coordination, but you won’t get any idea of the enemy’s positioning during a fight. So, it is absolutely crucial to fix audio-related issues if you’re into competitive matches. Otherwise, you will keep losing games, and your rank will drop throughout the season. Usually, the audio lags are caused by outdated drivers, but you need to also check the playback devices to isolate the issue. Here are some of the more common reasons behind why your audio is lagging in Fortnite and how you can fix this issue.

Why Is My Audio Lagging In Fortnite?

1. Change Client Priority 

Issues with the client priority settings on your PC play a crucial role in this problem with audio lagging in Fortnite. So, you need to change the priority of the game client to get everything back on track. All you need to do is open up the EPIC launcher and get in-game. After that, access the task manager and navigate to the FortNiteClient and change its priority to high. Now, you can start a new match and test out the audio.

2. Remove Audio Enhancement

This issue with audio lagging in Fortnite was more common for Windows 11 users that had audio enhancement features enabled. While this feature does play a role in increasing the immersive experience of the game, you will often run into lagging bugs with the game. So, remove the audio enhancement features and then get into the game again. You won’t notice a significant difference in the audio, and the smoother playback will feel much better.

3. Disable DPI Scaling

Sometimes, the DPI scaling on the game can play a role in this issue, with audio lagging in Fortnite. Luckily, it takes just a second to disable DPI scaling, and you just have to navigate to the Fortnite client file on your PC to change DPI scaling. You simply need to access the properties for the Fortnite client and then disable this setting through the compatibility options. Similarly, switching off the full-screen optimization will also improve the lagging audio in Fortnite.

4. Lower Audio Quality

Many players have also said that lowering the audio quality from the in-game setting is a good method of increasing the responsiveness of the game. This might not be the preferred choice for most users, but the lowered quality is much better than lagging audio. For this reason, you should open up the game and head over to the audio settings. From there, switch the quality to low and then test out the audio for a few matches.

5. Reinstall Fortnite

The last thing you can do about fixing the lagging audio is reinstalling the game. Now, it will take quite a bit of your time, but reinstalling the game eliminates the majority of bugs in your system. So, if nothing else works, there is no harm in reinstalling the game. Hopefully, that will get your audio working again, and you won’t have to contact EPIC support.

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