What Is Illegal Restart In Fortnite Competitive? (Answered)

what is illegal restart in fortnite competitive
what is illegal restart in fortnite competitive

Fortnite has now become more than just a game. It is because competitive Fortnite gaming competitions are carried out throughout the gaming community. The winner of these games is awarded life-changing prizes. These prizes are turning gaming into a full-time profession. Therefore, proper rules need to be set to carry out these competitions. It is because if a profession gets involved somewhere then rules are needed to be set otherwise, it could create disastrous problems. Moreover, rules create a sense of a fair game, which attracts more people to participate in the game.

Fortnite developers took this thing quite seriously and they developed a set of rules to make the game fair for everyone. These rules were developed by taking different types of cheating techniques into consideration. One of the main issues was termed an “illegal restart”. This issue was giving gamers an unjust chance to participate in the game once again after losing.

What Is Illegal Restart In Fortnite Competitive?

Before going into details of “illegal restart”, we will first explain the term. In the early competitions of Fortnite, those gamers who lost the game in the competition tried to gain an unfair advantage over others by logging in from another account or country. This would give them one more chance to participate in the game. Many users complained about this issue because of such gamers.

How Fortnite Countered this Issue?

Initially, Fortnite developers were not able to solve this issue, but with the passage of time, they were able to come up with a solution. They incorporated an IP and device recognition system in the program Fortnite. This modification enabled Fortnite to know about the players along with their IP addresses and device addresses. Fortnite captures these addresses when the gamer logs in first time in the gaming competition. In case, the user tries to log in again from another device or internet then Fortnite will display an error message on the screen of that specific gamer. Moreover, it is quite likely that the account of that gamer will be blocked. This step might seem quite harsh but this was necessary to make the gaming competition fair for everyone.

Effect of this Decision of Fortnite Fan Following

Every gaming community wants that the games should be fair for everyone to ensure maximum transparency. It is because they are investing their time and money to create a high profile. A strong profile requires hard work of about two to three years. If the game is not fair then all of their investment will turn into zero.

Moreover, it is quite likely that their resources like in-game coins and skins are wasted. To protect the current and future gamers, Fortnite issued these rules. The company also informed its gaming communities that those who will not follow these rules would be heavily penalized. These punishments can be as small as a fine or as big as banning that account. These steps increased the confidence of the gaming community in Fortnite. Since the incorporation of these rules, the fan following has been increasing at a greater rate. This shows that Fortnite has a great future ahead because of its fair rules.

How to Counter “Illegal Restart”?

Well until now, you would have been thinking that isn’t there any way to counter this issue. To be honest, there is no other way around it. The only way to protect yourself from this message is to avoid practicing such acts because they are termed illegal by the gaming company. Moreover, we advise you to follow each rule mentioned in the rulebook of Fortnite. It will protect your account from being hacked. It will also protect your hard work from being wasted, which you did to level up your profile. If you do not know where to find the rules then you should visit Epic’s website.


It can be seen that the “illegal restart” was making the people lose trust in Fortnite. If the company had not taken any step to counter this issue then it was quite likely that it would have loosened a lot of its fan following. However, timely steps from the Fortnite company increased its fan following.

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