3 Ways To Fix Fortnite Restarts My Computer

Fortnite players are sometimes unable to play the game at all because it causes their computer to crash completely. This leads many to wonder exactly why “Fortnite restarts my computer”. There is no direct answer for this, as there are all kinds of different reasons which are all plausible explanations for the rather annoying issue. … Read more

3 Ways To Fix Fortnite Alt-Tab Freeze

Fortnite is a fun game that can be played both casually and competitively. The game attracts a huge variety of audiences as it is mainly a Battle Royale game that introduces players to the concept of crafting and building all while fighting a PVP environment. How to Fix Fortnite Alt-Tab Freeze? Alt-Tab is a really … Read more

3 Ways To Fix Fortnite Static Sound

Games like Fortnite require the player to have good gear as they need the player to have all of their game sense active. For instance, things like hearing, flicking, and aiming can all be improved by using the right gaming gear. How to Fix Fortnite Static Sound? Hearing a static sound in Fortnite is actually … Read more

3 Ways To Fix Fortnite No Crosshair?

Some competitive shooter games allow users to modify their Crosshair in the game. A good crosshair can make it easier for players to line up their shots. The type of crosshair that you should use depends upon your personal preference. Some players need long and opaque crosshairs to aim while others can work with smaller … Read more