Global Port Range vs Base Host Port Minecraft

global port range vs base host port minecraft
global port range vs base host port minecraft

If you’ve ever played Minecraft multiplayer with others before or if you’ve ever tried to at least once, there’s little doubt you’ve heard of both the global port range as well as the base host port. Both of these are necessary fields for creating servers and playing with other players from all around the world.

A lot of people don’t know what they are and constantly confuse the two to be very similar with one another. This isn’t the case at all though, as they aren’t similar. Both global port range and base host port in Minecraft are two very different things, and we’ve given a comparison for both of them below.

Global Port Range Vs Base Host Port Minecraft

What is Base Host Port?

A lot of people who are interested in this topic usually aren’t too sure as to what both of these things, so that’s exactly what we’ll be discussing first here. We start off with the base host port.

When you create a server for yourself in Minecraft, you obviously need to provide an ID for the base host port to the game so it knows exactly how to identify your router and your system. Because of this base host port, other players can identify your server and join it whenever they please depending on the settings you’ve set up.

What is Global Port Range?

The global port range is basically a set of numbers provided to the system. This is the range under which the system tries to find other ports for players. If you try to play on a server that’s on the other side of the world, there will obviously be lots of problems as Minecraft won’t run smoothly due to network issues.

But thanks to the global port range, players can set up exactly how far off they want to go from their current location. It is the range at which Minecraft will find a server for players on a global range. The game will look for servers in further or closer areas depending on how high or low respectively this range is set.

Comparing the Two

Lots of people look at the name of both these things and immediately reckon that they’re quite similar to one another. While they’re definitely connected to each other, they aren’t the same thing at all. As you can probably guess from the info about both that we’ve shared above, there simply isn’t any likeness at all between the two. Global port ranges need base host ports to function.

They use the numbers of the base host ports to setup their range, which then allows Minecraft to look for player server’s within specific locations or just one specific location depending on the range provided. They cannot be compared as they simply are not the same type of thing, and have two completely different jobs. One thing is for certain; you’ll be needing both if you intend to play Minecraft with others on multiplayer servers.

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