MEGA vs MediaFire- The Better Option For Storage?

mediafire vs mega
mediafire vs mega

The online storage medium has become an important thing for many users. While having physical storage helps in locally storing your data inside a computer, you will also have to worry about losing or damaging the data. However, online storage is a much more secure approach to storage.

MediaFire vs MEGA

MediaFire and MEGA are two of the most popular storage mediums and cloud computing solutions that the user can use. Both offer functionality that is almost identical to each other, which is why users often ask the question of which one’s the better option for them.

This is why today; we will be comparing MediaFire vs MEGA to check which one of them is the better one for you. We will be going through the ups and downs of using both of them. So, without wasting any time further, let’s get started!


MediaFire is a file hosting as well as an online storage service through which users are allowed to keep their data. Its software can be easily used on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, Linus, Web Browsers, and iOS.

For free accounts, the user gets to have around 10 GB of space. However, for more storage space, the user will have to subscribe after which he gets much more space. It is ideal for users who are looking for a service where they often want to share the files that they store.

It also works great for small teams or startups as the free storage space is enough. However, for larger companies and teams, they might have to upgrade their plan.


MEGA is another file hosting service that is focused more on web-based applications. However, the application can still be used in Windows, Android, iOS. It is a much better solution for your storage needs if you find yourself storing and syncing your data frequently.

MEGA also features a pretty interactive interface, coupled with great tools that can all help in giving the user a great experience. There are plenty of great features that come with MEGA. File management in MEGA is also incredibly easy.

What’s more is that if you are looking for more storage, then MEGA offers up to 15 GB of storage. Besides this, you will also be enjoying an additional 35 GB of storage space in the form of a trial. For more storage options, the user will have to subscribe to a plan.

The Bottom Line

Comparing MediaFire vs MEGA, here are some of the most important things that you will need to know in order to learn which one of them is the better option for you. Be sure to give the article a thorough read.

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  1. Mega is incredible at resuming interrupted downloads. I’ve frequently downloaded over 100GB/day using without concern. The end-to-end encryption is crucial to my needs, and is Mega’s major selling point.

    The data streams would be invaluable to competing clients, which could potentially undermine sales, while putting upcoming launches at a competitive disadvantage.


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