3 Ways To Fix Fortnite Sorry Your Account Is Inactive And May Not Login

fortnite sorry your account is inactive and may not login
fortnite sorry your account is inactive and may not login

In online games, players need to create their own unique account before they can successfully play the game. This is done to give the player his own ID which can be used to identify the said player. He will need to select a username which will then be shown to other players playing with him.

Also, every account has a security code, which is more commonly known as a password. The password ensures that your account will not be accessed by an unauthorized person. This is also one of the reasons why you may or may not have to log in each time you play the game.

How To Fix Fortnite Sorry Your Account Is Inactive And May Not Login?

Recently, players have reported facing an issue where their game suddenly disconnects and logs out. When they try to log in again, they get an error stating your account is inactive and may not log in.

Why Do You Face Such an Error?

Most of the time, this error means that you may no longer have access to the account anymore. It can also occur when the account owner has denied giving access to the account to you. Depending on the reason for the error, you may be able to fix this issue.

Listed below are some of the best ways on how you can fix this issue for good.

  1. Resetting Your Account’s Credentials

It is highly likely that your account may have been made. If that is the case, then we suggest you change your account’s credentials asap. Start by changing the password of the account to something completely different than before.

Likewise, also try changing other details such as username and such.

  1. You Are Banned From The Game

One thing to note is that this error also occurs to players trying to login after their account has been banned. This error is basically a way for the game to tell you that you no longer have access to this account.

In this case, there really isn’t much that you can do about it. Accounts are most likely banned due to misconduct of behavior, or hacking. In either case, if you’re sure you haven’t broken any game’s rules, follow the next step.

  1. Contact Support Team

If nothing seems to work for you, then you may as well contact the support team. Be sure to mention about the issue that you are facing. If your account really hasn’t been banned, they should help you get your account back.

Whatever the reason is, the support team should help you in every way possible.

The Bottom Line

We have made a list of 3 possible reasons and their solutions on how you can fix the Fortnite error, “Sorry! Your account is inactive and may not login”. If you are one of the few players facing this issue, we highly suggest you follow every instruction mentioned above.

5 thoughts on “3 Ways To Fix Fortnite Sorry Your Account Is Inactive And May Not Login”

  1. I’m sorry but I don’t cheat on the game and always have been fair and now it sais my account is inactive I don’t know for what reason but I need that account to be fixed I spend houndeds of dollars on that game and now I have lost everything it is not fair

  2. I am not sure why my account is inactive. I have only played a handful of times and have never been inappropriate. I would like my account to be reviewed and activated.

  3. My account says inactive as well. This is a ripoff. I have spent 100’s of dollars on this game only to be denied access. Thos is very poor customer service

  4. Mine was just deactivated as well, and they would provide no explanation besides “suspicious activity”. I literally just created my account, then spent $100. After playing a couple of rounts of Fortnite, deactivated..

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