4 Ways To Fix Skyrim Crash to Desktop with No Error Message

skyrim crash to desktop no error
skyrim crash to desktop no error

Skyrim is probably one of the games you can say for sure that it doesn’t need a detailed introduction. A majority of those who play video games regularly are likely familiar with the revolutionary open-world RPG and most of the great things that it offers players in terms of story as well as gameplay.

The Elder Scrolls series as a whole is one of the most popular when it comes to role-playing games and Skyrim in particular, which is the fifth installment in said series, is easily the most famous of all. Even today it continues to be one of the most popular RPGs around.

If you’re one of many people still playing Skyrim today, you’ll be easily able to see for yourself, that the game has certainly aged quite well. That said, there are also some issues that have been present for a very long time. One of these is a rather annoying issue in particular.

Skyrim crash to desktop (CTD) with no error message being displayed can be very frustrating at times, as it can happen during important fights or story moments. Here’s how to get rid of these random, warning-less crashes.

How to Fix Skyrim Crash to Desktop with No Error Message?

  1. Fix Game Cache

It could be that the problem occurs whenever players are trying to perform a specific action or trying to go to a specific place in Skyrim. This likely indicates that there’s something wrong with the game’s files, particularly the cache which can become damaged over time.

If said cache ever gets damaged, which is likely the case in your situation, there will probably be lots of issues with the game including random crashes at random times, sometimes even without any error messages to provide warnings.

It isn’t anything too sinister though, so there’s nothing to worry about. The solution is rather simple, as all that needs to be done is exiting the Steam application to go to Skyrim’s installation folder. There will be an “app cache” folder here which you need to completely delete from the system.

Once that’s done just restart the computer and launch Skyrim through the Steam launcher. It will notice the missing cache and replace it with new, working files that will solve the issue.

  1. Overheating Components

Any game will eventually crash without warning if the CPU and the components inside it begin to overheat. This is a known issue that can be caused due to a number of things. The first step is to check if there is any overheating in the first place. Use any software that provides the option to inspect the temperature of your GPU, CPU, and other components while playing Skyrim.

If the said temperature ever gets too high, there are only two things that can be done. One of them is thoroughly cleaning each individual part of the computer which is heating up. Dust and debris collected within them can cause overheating as there is no way for the warm air inside to escape. If that doesn’t work, then getting new components might be your only option.

  1. Remove Mods

Skyrim still holds up incredibly well today thanks to its gameplay, but even more than that it’s still popular thanks to the incredibly talented and interesting modding community the game has. Mods for the game are still released nearly every single day and all of them are fun in their own way.

However, there are some cases in which these mods can ruin the experience rather than making it more fun or unique. This could be one of these cases, as mods are known to cause random crashes in Skyrim. Try to play the game with all of them disabled to see if it works properly, as that should likely work.

  1. Reinstall Skyrim

Another good solution and perhaps the last one players can try out if all else listed so far has failed is to just uninstall the game entirely. Get rid of all files related to it and reinstall it to see if that works. The clean reinstall will fix any file-related issues and let users enjoy the game without interruptions.

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