Fortnite Friends Not Showing Up? 6 Troubleshooting Tips To Try

fortnite friends not showing up
fortnite friends not showing up

Working the long hours in the office before you get a chance to recoil in the comfort of your home. But there is one slight problem, you do not have anyone to talk to face to face and you are too tired to go out and meet up with your friends. Then gaming is the only way to meet your friends virtually. There is no better game than Fortnite to share precious moments with your friends and colleagues without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Fortnite has been a top-end game that has taken the world by storm and is considered one of the best games of all time. Since it is a huge game, it is bound to have minor and major bugs one of which is Fortnite friends not showing up. There are a few issues that are explained below:

Fortnite Friends Not Showing Up

1. Fortnite Friend List Deserted

Being an extremely complex game with many servers and millions of players using these servers on daily basis is nothing more but a recipe for disaster. Keeping in mind that the size of the game is large and coupling it with cloud storage, makes it very complex and at some point in time, the servers might not function as they are supposed to. However, this should not be a reason to be scared, as it is only a matter of time before the servers come back to their original state.

2. Fortnite Game Issue

It has been observed by some players that their friend list is no longer populated or is missing altogether. This is a major concern for people and might scare them as well, especially if they are accustomed to playing with their friends. However, this can be easily resolved by restarting the game as well as the Epic launcher. By doing so, the game will be refreshed and might help you achieve your goal.

3. Faulty Internet Connection

One of the greatest nightmares that a person can experience is to see their internet connectivity slowly trickle away leaving the player with limited connection. It is utterly important to have a strong, reliable, and fast internet connection. Especially when you are hoping to play online games alone or with your friends. You should regularly check your Wi-Fi and try to place your gaming console next to your Wi-Fi router to make the connection as quickly as possible.

4. Changing the Private Settings

The biggest nuisance is when you try to connect with your friends, but the connection is not being made, and to make matters worse, you are not visible at all. This requires a quick fix in which you need to change the privacy settings from “Private” to online. This is likely to change the outlook of your friend list. On the other hand, if you do not know how to do it, it is recommended to head over to the settings and then “Online Status” to “Away” and at the same time change the “Party Privacy” to “Online”. The last step to do is to turn on the “notify friends” feature which will let your friends know when you are online.

5. Disable your Antivirus

In some operating systems, the antivirus can make life extremely difficult with its random pop-ups and false alarms. Not to mention the deliberate stopping of any activity that might not be ordinary. It is recommended to turn off your antivirus. This will probably let you operate on some extra packets of data that might trickle through the system, but bear in mind that it must be turned back on. As it is probably the only thing keeping you from being overrun by a barrage of viruses and faulty software.

6. Contact Support 

With a huge number of people appearing on the servers, it is not humanly possible to deliver 100% results without any issues at all. For this very reason, Fortnite has a customer complaint line, which can be used to identify potential bugs and suggestions. These are then sent over to the relevant personnel, and it is reviewed before being rejected or accepted for further updates. It is best to reach out to them, once you have exhausted almost all the options, but bear in mind that the work being on such a large scale, it might not be possible to cater to every customer.

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